A Captive Audience for ‘The Perfect Submissive’

Kay Jaybee is the queen of BDSM! If ever I doubted that, her debut novel, The Perfect Submissive, published by Xcite Books, eliminated those doubts. Mrs. Peters is just your typical manageress of a typical business hotel called the Fables, oh, and did I mention that she is also a dominatrix extraordinaire, who runs the hotel’s secret, adult entertainment Fifth Floor with an iron hand (and a stiff cane.)

 The woman is a sadist’s sadist, and must surely have a degree in psychology tucked inside her corset somewhere, because she understands completely the secret, hidden, dark desires of her guests as well as her staff. And the new clerk, Jess Sanders, has submissive written all over her. She has no idea that her job description will involve a whole lot more than answering the phone and taking bookings. Ms Jaybee gives us a voyeur’s eye view into the tight-laced, hard disciplining, gusset-dampening on-the-job training that will either make Jess the perfect submissive or drive her around the bend trying.

 But Jess’s training is not the only thing on Mrs. Peter’s sadistic mind. There’s sexy artist, Sam Wheeler, who just may not respond equally well to Mrs. Peter’s firm hand. Has she finally met her match in the man who has a bit of a dominant streak of his own?

 The action is non-stop, hard-hitting, dark, sexy and intriguing. Though The Perfect submissive is not a book for first-timers at the erotica banquet, I defy anyone to walk away when Mrs Peters enters the room.

 This may be Kay Jaybee’s debut novel, but here’s sincerely hoping there are lots more where The Perfect Submissive came from!

Available from Xcite, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Waterstones, and all other good eBook retailers.

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