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   53.  Gracefully Aroused: The Best of K D Grace
   54.  The Mount Trilogy Book 2: Fulfilling the Contract
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   56.  Interview With Rita Holly, Who Gives Us the Latest Gossip from Mount Vegas
   57.  Nick Chase Assumes the Position
   58.  Elsa Crane Assumes the Position
   59.  Sexy Just Walked Into Town
   60.  The Mammoth Book of Erotic Romance & Domination
   61.  Things That Go Hump in the Night
   62.  The Mount Trilogy Book 3: To Rome with Lust
   63.  The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica
   64.  Demon Interrupted: A Lakeland Witches Serial
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   1.  Stark Seasons by Jacqueline Brocker
   2.  Howling With Rose Caraway
   3.  Why We Love Vampires by Barbara Elsborg (@BarbaraElsborg)
   4.  Fierce Enchantments by Janine Ashbless
   5.  Werewolves: Scary or Sexy by Sommer Marsden (@sommer_marsden)
   6.  Things Go Hump in the Night in Suz deMello’s Vampire Stories (@suzdemello @MFRW_ORG #vampires #vampireromance)
   7.  Instalment 16 of DEMON INTERRUPTED: A Lakeland Witches Story
   8.  Knicker-Dampening Vampires by Victoria Blisse (@victoriablisse)
   9.  When Darkness Comes Out To Play by Lisabet Sarai
   10.  Zombie Erotica by Tamsin Flowers (@TamsinFlowers)
   11.  I Stayed In A Haunted Bed And Breakfast… And Lived! by Elizabeth Black (@ElizabethABlack)
   12.  Erotic Autumn by Tabitha Rayne
   13.  Out Now – Timeless Desire by Lucy Felthouse @cw1985 #erotica #romance #paranormal #ghost
   14.  Elise’s Top Ten Halloween Movies (@EHepner)
   15.  Mixing the Spooky With the Sexy by Vanessa de Sade
   16.  Janine Ashbless Interviews Her Latest Hero
   17.  Blinking with Kay – A Hump in the Night (@kay_jaybee)
   18.  Ghostly Encounters by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)
   19.  15th Instalment DEMON INTERRUPTED, A Lakeland Witches Story
   20.  Things that Go Hump in the Night: a Month-Long Celebration of Paranormal Erotica
   21.  Happy 4th Birthday, Holly!
   22.  What’s a Thunderclap Campaign? Ruby Madden Can Tell You
   23.  14th Instalment DEMON INTERRUPTED: A Lakeland Witches Story
   24.  13th Instalment of DEMON INTERRUPTED: A Lakeland Witches Story
   25.  Seduced by the Daredevil by Jorja Lovett
   26.  New Release: Willow Smoke by Adriana Kraft @adrianakraft
   27.  Mustang Maddy – Revved & Ready Book 2 by Kacey Hammell
   28.  A Snog for Sommer
   29.  12th Instalment DEMON INTERRUPTED: A Lakeland Witches Story
   30.  Caught On Camera by Destiny Blaine
   31.  Kristina Lloyd Talks about Erotica & Erotic Romance on Her UNDONE Blog Tour
   32.  The End of Summer Beginnings: Fulfilling the Contract Chapter 1
   33.  Change your calendar… it’s SNARKTEMBER !!
   34.  Cover Reveal: Timeless Desire by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #erotica #romance #paranormal #ghost
   35.  The End of Summer Beginnings: The Initiation of Ms Holly Chapter 1
   36.  Mind Seed – Remembering Denni
   37.  Cowboy Boots and Inconspicuous Motives (MF), Cowboy Boots 8, by Natalie Acres
   38.  11th Instalment of DEMON INTERRUPTED: A Lakeland Witches Story
   39.  Kristina’s Kinky Cocktail Party: Celebrating Kristina Lloyd’s New Novel, UNDONE
   40.  End of Summer Beginnings: The Exhibition Chapter 1
   41.  New Release: Smut by the Sea Volume 3, edited by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) and Victoria Blisse (@victoriablisse) #erotica #anthology #romance
   42.  Cover Reveal for Marissa Honeycutt’s new novel, The Life of Anna, Part 1
   43.  New Paranormal Erotic Romance Novel by Lucy Felthouse – PACK OF LIES! (@cw1985) #erotica #romance #werewolves
   44.  End of Summer Beginnings: Identity Crisis Chapter 1
   45.  End of Summer Beginnings: An Executive Decision Chapter 1
   46.  Guest Blogger: Charlotte Howard (@shy_tiger)
   47.  Ruby Madden & Curious Readers
   48.  The Story behind Helen Callaghan’s Deliciously Chilling Story, Sex & the Single Hive Mind
   49.  Flappers, Jazz & Valentino’s Editor, Jillian Boyd, Talks Jazz
   50.  Roman Heat: A Hot Summer Except from To Rome with Lust
   51.  Lisabet Sarai Shares The Ingredients of Bliss
   52.  Falling by Annabeth Leong (@AnnabethLeong)
   53.  An Angel’s Soul (Sins of Wolves: The Safe Mountain Series) by Destiny Blaine and Marc Alice
   54.  10th Instalment of Demon Interrupted: A Lakeland Witches Story
   55.  10 Fun Facts About Pirates by Normandie Alleman (@normandiea)
   56.  The Silk Tie by Lily Harlem (@lily_harlem)
   57.  Digging Deep by Louisa Bacio (@louisabacio)
   58.  Pointers for Writing Sex in Fiction
   59.  Mythology and Inspiration
   60.  Coming Soon from Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) – Pack of Lies
   61.  The Big One – M/F Erotic Romance by Louisa Bacio
   62.  The Power of The One
   63.  Cover Reveal for City Nights: One Night in San Francisco by Cass Peterson (@casspeterson1)
   64.  Sweet Secrets by Constance Munday
   65.  Guest Blogger: Toni Sands
   66.  The 9th Instalment of Demon Interrupted: A Lakeland Witches Story
   67.  The Heist, by Adriana Kraft (@adrianakraft)
   68.  Finding Inspiration: An Erotica Author’s Tale
   69.  The Black Door by Charlotte Howard
   70.  A Sneak Preview of To Rome with Lust, Book 3 in The Mount Series
   71.  Sallyanne Rogers Accepts THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!
   72.  Guest Blogger: Sara Brookes (@Sara_Brookes)
   73.  Body Temperature is Going Up & Down!
   74.  City Nights: One Night in Paris by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)
   75.  New Release! Hot Fighter Romance In Your Corner by Sarah Castille (@sarah_castille)
   76.  Brit Babes Recruiting for the Brit Babe Street Team
   77.  Tunnel-Visioned in Storyland
   78.  The Pet Shop is FREE on Amazon!
   79.  Sweet Spot – A New Lesbian Sports Romance by Lucy Felthouse! (@cw1985 @8britbabes) #erotica #romance #lesbian
   80.  Typos, Auto-Correct and Freud: A Blot Post for All My Sweetits
   81.  The 8th Instalment of Demon Interrupted: A Lakeland Witches Story
   82.  Channeling the Cat by Lisabet Sarai
   83.  An ETO Award … And it Has My Name on It!
   84.  Wolfsong Lullaby: A Sneak Peek at H D March’s New Release
   85.  The Morning After
   86.  New Release: The Attack of the Woodwose by Selena Cooper
   87.  Calendar Men: Mr June – The Other Brother by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #erotica #romance
   88.  Warm Up for World Cup with Lily Harlem’s Sizzling Football Novel, Scored
   89.  New Covers, New Title for the Lakeland Witches
   90.  This Summer’s Sexy, Heart-felt Must-read, Dianna Hardy’s The Spell of Summer
   91.  New Release! Sexy fighter romance Yield to Me by Sarah Castille
   92.  Snog by the Sea Blog Hop! Snogging in Lyme Regis
   93.  Author, Victoria Behn Talks About D L King’s New Slave Girls Anthology
   94.  The 7th Instalment of Demon Interrupted: A Lakeland Witches Story
   95.  It’s Time for Garden Porn!
   96.  Sex and Fiction Revealed
   97.  Bridles and vampires? Bondage and discipline? YES YES YES! (@MFRW_ORG #vampires)
   98.  Smut By The Sea! It’s Almost time!
   99.  An Executive Decision Blog Tour! Another Week of Fun!
   100.  The Waiting is Almost Over! L C Wilkinson’s ALL of HIM Out Tomorrow!

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