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   7.  Cocktales – Volume 1
   8.  Six of the Best – Spanking Stories Two
   9.  Best Women’s Erotica 2010
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   33.  Best Women’s Erotica 2012
   34.  Seducing the Myth: Myths and Legends with an Erotic Twist
   35.  Lakeland Witches Book 1: Body Temperature and Rising
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   55.  Executive Decision Trilogy Book 3: The Exhibition
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   57.  Instruments of Pleasure: Sex Toy Erotica
   58.  Kinky Boots
   59.  Aphrodite Gets a Piece of the Action
   60.  Only You
   61.  Gracefully Aroused: The Best of K D Grace
   62.  The Mount Trilogy Book 2: Fulfilling the Contract
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   64.  Interview With Rita Holly, Who Gives Us the Latest Gossip from Mount Vegas
   65.  Nick Chase Assumes the Position
   66.  Elsa Crane Assumes the Position
   67.  Sexy Just Walked Into Town
   68.  The Mammoth Book of Erotic Romance & Domination
   69.  Things That Go Hump in the Night
   70.  The Mount Trilogy Book 3: To Rome with Lust
   71.  The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica
   72.  Demon Interrupted: A Lakeland Witches Book
   73.  Love Under the Mistletoe
   74.  Brit Boys: On Boys
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   76.  An Executive Decision Novel: Interviewing Wade
   77.  Sexy Just Got Rich: Brit Babes Do Billionaires
   78.  The Mount Boxed Set
   79.  The Executive Decision Boxed Set
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   81.  In The Flesh
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   1.  A Shameless Selfie In The Flesh!
   2.  Beck (Hollywood Hitmen, Book 1) by Maggie Marr (@maggiemarr)
   3.  It’s Release Day for In The Flesh!
   4.  Out Now – Coming In Hot Boxed Set! #cominginhot #PNR #paranormal #contemporary #medical #newrelease #99c
   5.  Shameless Selfie Sunday on the Fells
   6.  What’s so Cool about Writing Sex?
   7.  The Lakeland Witches Box Set Available for Preorder!
   8.  It’s Early Download Day! The Tutor Now Available EARLY Exclusively at Totally Bound!
   9.  Out Now – The Persecution of the Wolves by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #PNR #thriller #shifter
   10.  Shameless Selfie Gracefully Aroused.
   11.  Elizabeth Black has No Restraint, and So Can You
   12.  Sh!’s Fabulous Renee Denyer Talks Spicing up Self Love
   13.  In the Flesh Now Available for Preorder
   14.  6 Brit Babes with Books Nominated for Best Erotic novels in the Summer Indie Book Awards
   15.  One Night in Manchester by Victoria Blisse Now Available!
   16.  Sh! Women’s Store Hosting an Essential Elements of Erotic Writing Workshop Taught by Kay Jaybee & Me
   17.  The Tutor Now Available for Preorder
   18.  Spicing Things Up with Sh!’s Fabulous Renee Denyer
   19.  Shameless Selfie in Sleepy-Town
   20.  Final Draft Tunnel-Vision
   21.  The Pet Shop Nominated for Summer Indie Book Awards Best Erotic Novel!
   22.  A Day in the Life of Christine Blackthorn (@CBlackthorn @sinfulpress)
   23.  Lust and Magic: Shameless Selfie on the Fells
   24.  Another Post Card from KD
   25.  A Post Card from K D
   26.  A Bit of Garden Porn for Shameless Selfie Sunday
   27.  Out Now! Mean Girls – M/F BBW Erotic Romance by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)
   28.  Wow! You Don’t Look Like an Erotica Writer
   29.  Pre-order blitz! A Variety of Chains – Erotic paranormal novel by Christine Blackthorn (@CBlackthorn @sinfulpress)
   30.  Shameless Selfie Sunday: Some Boots are Made for Walking and some are just Kinky
   31.  Stuck with You: New Erotic Romance from Jillian Boyd
   32.  A Picture Really IS Worth a Thousand Words
   33.  Inspiration On the Hoof
   34.  Shameless Selfie Sunday: Stop and Smell the … er … well … Everything!
   35.  Cover Reveal! A Variety of Chains – Paranormal erotic romance by Christine Blackthorn (@CBlackthorn)
   36.  Cold Nights, Hot Bodies by Lily Harlem
   37.  Timeless Desire by Lucy Felthouse Now Available in Audiobook Format! #audiobook #romance #erotica #ghost #PNR
   38.  The Psychology of Dreams Final Episode
   39.  Out Now—Passion’s Last Promise (Club Aegis #4) by Christie Adams
   40.  Siobhan Muir’s new release, Rope a Falling Star, is inspired by the Real Thing
   41.  Sex, Chaos, and Story
   42.  Out Now! Illicit Relations – M/M Erotic Romance by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)
   43.  OUT NOW! The House of Fox – An adult paranormal comedy by SJ Smith @sjsmithauthor @SinfulPress #paranormal #comedy #smut
   44.  Hardened: A New Release from Ashe Barker
   45.  Out Now! Grand Slam – BDSM Sports Romance by Lily Harlem & Lucy Felthouse (@lily_harlem @cw1985)
   46.  The Psychology of Dreams 101 Episode 16
   47.  Annik Petrou Talks about Falling in Love with Public Speaking
   48.  Out Now – Shopping for a CEO’s Fiancée by Julia Kent (@jkentauthor)
   49.  Faking My Way to a Story
   50.  LANDSCAPES Blog Tour Begins on Monday!
   51.  Ashley Lister’s RAVEN & SKULL a Deliciously Diabolical Office Horror
   52.  Out Now – Another Glass of Champagne by Jenny Kane (@jennykaneauthor) #romance #newrelease
   53.  The Psychology of Dreams 101 Episode 15
   54.  Desert Heat & Native Tongue by Lucy Felthouse Now Available in Audiobook Format! #audiobook #military #interracial #erotica #romance #gay #mm
   55.  It’s out! the second edition of Peter Birch’s The Big, Bad Book of Spanking Positions 
   56.  One Night in Cape Town: Pre-order Bargain from Lily Harlem!
   57.  The Psychology of Dreams 101: Chapter 14
   58.  Dare you enter The House of Fox? Pre-Order Now! (@sjsmithauthor @SinfulPress) #paranormal #comedy #smut
   59.  Cover Reveal: Touched by Abbey MacMunn (@abbeymacmunn) #paranormalromance #kindle #newrelease
   60.  Cover Reveal for Love’s Sweet Magic @Dawn_Roberto, #NewRelease, #ParanormalRomance
   61.  Vintage KDG: The Birthday Present
   62.  Out Now – Beast Untamed by Faye Avalon (@faye_avalon) #erotica #romance #pnr
   63.  Euro 2016 is Upon Us! Time for Scored, Lily Harlem’s Sexy Soccer Novel!
   64.  OUT NOW: FOUR LETTER WORDS by Charlotte Howard (@Shy_Tiger) #FourLetterWords #Erotica #Contemporary #Romance
   65.  The Psychology of Dreams 101
   66.  Guest Blogger: J D Martins
   67.  Out Now! – The Collector by Kay Jaybee (@kay_jaybee) #erotica #ku #kindleunlimited
   68.  A View From Above: Lakeland Keeps on Inspiring
   69.  Explore your kinkiest BDSM fantasies with Dirty Doms – Pre-order Now!
   70.  Thirty Days: The Complete Series by Bibi Paterson
   71.  LANDSCAPES Launch Day: Brimming with Firsts
   72.  An Unexpected Encounter with Alonso Darlington: 3rd Entry
   73.  Smut by the Sea! 28 May! Come Join the Filthy Fun!
   74.  Scarlet Ladies: Reclaiming Women’s Sexuality Part 1
   75.  Create Your Love Story – A Guest Post by Aleigha Siron (@aleighasiron) #findingmyhighlander
   76.  The Psychology of Dreams 101 Part 12
   77.  The Ruby Glow: Inviting Everyone to Sit Down for the Self Love is in the Air Blog Hop!
   78.  An Unexpected Encounter with Alonso Darlington 2nd Entry
   79.  Show Me, Sir by Sonni de Soto (@sonni_de  @SinfulPress) #romance #BDSM #kindle #kindleunlimited
   80.  Four Brit Babes Nominated for ETO Best Erotic Author of 2016
   81.  Dry Canyon Dreams
   82.  An Unexpected Encounter with Alonso Darlington
   83.  Horse Power: Another Jet-Lagged and Lusting Story
   84.  Incognito! Lisabet Sarai’s New Expanded Edition Now Available!
   85.  The Psychology of Dreams 101 Episode 11
   86.  Landscapes is Now Available for Preorder! Alonso Darlington Responds to the News
   87.  The Strange Encounter with Mr. Sands Pt 2
   88.  Demon Interrupted, the Novel, now Available on Amazon!
   89.  The Strange Encounter with Mr. Sands Pt 1
   90.  The Psychology of Dreams 101 Chapter 10
   91.  Travel and the Inflight Entertainment
   92.  Retiring the Boots
   93.  Romancing the Chaos
   94.  The Psychology of Dreams 101 Chapter 9
   95.  The Tutor Has a Cover! And a Pear Teaser
   96.  Brave New World or More of the Same?
   97.  Shopping for a Billionaire’s Wife by Julia Kent #romance #romcom
   98.  The Psychology of Dreams 101: Episode 8
   99.  Hot New Release from Lily Harlem – DESK JOB
   100.  Out Now – Love Through a Lens by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #romance #erorom #maytodecember

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