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   1.  Random Acts of Fantasy by Julia Kent
   2.  The Domestic Goddess Gene & the Lack Thereof
   3.  Letters to a War Zone by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)
   4.  Cara Sutra Tells How to Enjoy a Taste of Bondage without Any Accessories at All
   5.  In Your Corner by Sarah Castille (@sarah_castille)
   6.  Smut for Good Fund Raising Blog Hop Supporting Parkinson’s UK
   7.  Who Dares Wins by Lily Harlem (@lily_harlem)
   8.  OUT NOW- Gratis: New Beginnings- FREE Erotica
   9.  Daniel Gleason Interview – His Hometown Girl – by Karen Rock (@karenrock5)
   10.  Laura Wilkinson Talks About Friends, Rivals, Tweeps and Twerps
   11.  Demon Interrupted Chapter 4: A Lakeland Witches Story
   12.  The Story So Far by Justine Elyot
   13.   Kelly Lawrence Talks ‘Passionate Plots’ – Using Dialogue to Convey Sexual Tension
   14.  London Faerie: Playing with Consciousness Part 2
   15.  Sexy Just Walked into Print!
   16.  Looking Back at The Collector with Kay Jaybee
   17.  Cover Reveal: Sweet Spot by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)
   18.  London Faerie: Playing with Consciousness Part 1
   19.  The Sex Toy Incentive
   20.  The Delish Delores Deluxe Talks Body Confidence
   21.  Renee Rose Talks Sex Magic in Avalon
   22.  Do you know when I first started loving you? Demelza Hart Explores the Question
   23.  I’m Taking Over at The SubClubbers FaceBook Page!
   24.  Demon Interrupted Third Instalment: A New Lakeland Witches Story
   25.  Lucy Felthouse Gives Us A Taste of Rome
   26.  Exposing Ellen by Skylar Kade
   27.  Eroticon 2014 Mental Snap Shots
   28.  Rough Weather by Lisabet Sarai
   29.  Writing Compost
   30.  Ellen March Gets Asked THE Question
   31.  The Basics of Martian Seduction with @eva_lefoy #scifi #romance
   32.  Sex as Ritual
   33.  The Red Sheet by Mia Kerick
   34.  Surrender to Fire by Skylar Kade
   35.  Kelly Lawrence on Writing About Sex for Teens
   36.  2nd Instalment of Demon Interrupted: A New Lakeland Witches Story
   37.  Romance in Edinburgh!
   38.  A Heroine with Sass and Attitude by Jan Graham (@jan_graham)
   39.  Fulfilling The Contract Blog Tour : What Happens in Vegas
   40.  Valentine Blisse Kiss with a View
   41.  Top Tips for a Sexy Valentine’s Day (and Night!) from Renee at Sh!
   42.  A Valentines Present from the Brit Babes
   43.  Barely Undercover by Sarah Castille
   44.  Bring on the Heat ~ Sale ends February 15
   45.  CJ Payne Tells Us How Lynton Gets Stung!
   46.  Misconduct by Lily Harlem
   47.  The Initiation of Ms Holly on Tour with SourceBooks
   48.  Smut by the Sea 14th June 2014: Come Join the Fun
   49.  Zak Jane Keir’s Response to Acting Like an Erotica Writer
   50.  Fulfilling the Contract Now Out in eBook!
   51.  A Peek at What’s to Come
   52.  Launch Day for Holly with SourceBooks
   53.  Meg Phillip Dishes Up the Nasty on Monique’s Tumescent Tantrums
   54.  Chocoholic Needs Your Unctuous Chocolate Themed Stories!
   55.  From the Daily Grind to Bump ‘n’ Grind
   56.  DEMON INTERRUPTED: A Hot New Lakeland Witches Story
   57.  Kay Jaybee Takes Control
   58.  My Writing Process
   59.  BDSGym?
   60.  Queen’s Quest by Suz deMello
   61.  Acting Like An Erotica Writer
   62.  Books of Delight Delights Readers and Authors
   63.  The Joy of Writing Neurotica
   64.  Slave Nano Talks About Regulating our Fantasies and the Use of Safe Words
   65.  Voyeuristic Fun with Kay Jaybee
   66.  Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse
   67.  Regulating our Fantasies
   68.  Justine Elyot Returns to Her Fantasy Roots with Her Latest Novel, Princess in Chains
   69.  Fulfilling the Contract is All Decked Out for Vegas!
   70.  The Pygmalion Hypnotist by Hypnotic Dreams
   71.  New Years Resolutions: Sneaking Quietly Through the Back Door
   72.  A Sneak Peek at Fulfilling the Contract, the Sequel to The Initiation of Ms Holly
   73.  A Very Crowded Room
   74.  Illicit Relations by Lucy Felthouse
   75.  Tamsin Flowers Talks about The Crimson Bond
   76.  Ancient Ruins and Christmas Lights
   77.  Random Acts of Trust by Julia Kent
   78.  A Little Something For Gratis… by Kay Jaybee
   79.  Girls Rule, Boys Drool by Lucy Felthouse
   80.  Demelza Hart Talks About Having Your Cake and Eating It
   81.  The Story Behind Amy Kernahan’s Amazing Travelogue — Orion is Upside Down
   82.  More than a Kiss in a Cold Canyon! Blissemas Sunday Snog!
   83.  The Story Behind Elsie Hepner’s latest release — A Little Slap and Tickle
   84.  One Flesh by Annabeth Leong
   85.  Yolanda Shoshana Talks about the Use of Scent in Erotica
   86.  Tis the Season for Books!
   87.  A.M. Hartnett Asks the Burning Question: Why Write Erotica?
   88.  Her Secret Ingredient – M/F/M BDSM Erotic Romance from Lisabet Sarai
   89.  It’s Another Cup of Christmas! by Jenny Kane
   90.  Holiday Prezzies for All –Freebies to Make the Season Sizzle!
   91.  Tamsin Flowers’ The Christmas Tattoo – Awash with the Seasonal Feel-Good Factor
   92.  Kay Jaybee is Kinking Up Christmas!
   93.  Savouring the Sweetness
   94.  Why Just Anybody Can’t Write Sports Romance by Cassandra Carr
   95.  The Exhibition Blog Tour Celebrates the Release of the Final Installment of the Executive Decisions Trilogy
   96.  The Extraordinary Within the Ordinary
   97.  A Dead Man’s Debt by Grace Elliot
   98.  Teresa Noelle Roberts Talks about Cougar’s Courage, Book 3 of the Duals and Donovans series
   99.  New Release: Faustina and the Barbarians by John McKeown
   100.  Run for Your Love by Annabeth Leong

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