Sex Sells: Why Fifty Shades Of Grey Is Flying Off Shelves

Emily Bendell, CEO of lingerie and lovestuff retailer believes the secret behind its success is because it’s a sexy book written by a woman – for women.

“Over the past few years, as the genre has become increasingly popular, authors such as KD Grace have ensured there is something on offer for everyone, and with books such as Fifty Shades of Grey accelerating the trend, the genre can only continue to grow in popularity,” she told Huffpost Lifestyle

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Loved Fifty Shades Of Grey? Sexpert Tracey Cox brings you THE ultimate guide to ‘mummy porn’ with her definitive steamy reading list

Mail OnlineThe Initiation of Ms Holly by K D Grace

Sex with a mysterious stranger on a train initiates the innocent Rita Holly into the secretive and sexy world of the Mount Club where deviant rituals await. Author K D Grace describes herself as ‘passionate about nature, writing and sex – but not necessarily in that order’, and enjoys Chinese martial arts. Readers have been badgering her for a sequel since its publication.

Erotica rating: 9 out of 10

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We’re The New Naughty Novelists

The Daily ExpressKD Grace, 50, lives in Surrey with her husband Raymond, 51, a chemical engineer. They don’t have any children. Her latest novella Surrogates is available on Amazon and

Erotic writing is like any other. You simply do your research and use your imagination. Just because a story features a threesome or a woman having an affair with her gardener doesn’t mean that’s what I’m up to myself. There’s nothing less glamorous than my job writing erotica. I sit at the dining table in my trainers and tracksuit with not a pair of stockings in sight.

My husband loves what I do and vetoes my male characters to make sure I get the tone right. Even before I did this for a job we couldn’t have spent more time thinking about sex than we already do. Yet being an erotic author has made me aware that we’re the exception and that lots of people don’t make sex a priority in their relationships.

Although I don’t write about my own experiences I do pay homage in my novels to my love of sex outdoors – the fear of being caught makes it far more exciting. Being outside is far more atmospheric than posh hotels or bedrooms.

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Fifty Shades of Grey thrusts erotica into the mainstream

The Guardian“What is changing now is the audience, and I think that Fifty Shades of Grey, and the firestorm around it, has done that … Now it is OK to read erotica – in fact, it is cool,” said author KD Grace, whose book Surrogates has just been launched by HarperCollins’s new ebook erotica line Mischief Books. “Women almost had to be given permission to be open about it, to say, ‘I read erotica and so what?’, rather than reading in the closet.”

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I Made My TV Debut!

On 12th April 2012, I appeared on Channel 5 News (UK) to speak about erotic fiction and the rise of eReaders.

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