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Snog by the Sea Blog Hop! Snogging in Lyme Regis


It’s time for the Snog by the Sea blog hop! Leave it to Team Blisse to start the fun early. Clearly we’re not the only ones who can hardly wait for Smut by the Sea next Saturday. And what better way to prepare for the big event than some seriously sizzling snogging! And of course, what’s a blog hop without great prizes!

Welcome to our Snogfest which runs from the 6th-9th June.

Please check out all the links below and comment to win our fab prizes!

If you live in the UK you can win 2 All-Day Tickets for Smut by the Sea – Scarborough’s only smutty get together for Erotica Authors and Readers. Taking Place at Scarborough Library on the 14th June 2014.

If you are not in the UK you can win a mystery ebook bundle with ebooks from some of the top names in erotica.

Want more Snogs by the Sea? Join us for Smut by the Sea!

On the 14th of June 2014 at the Scarborough Library, we’ll be hosting Smut by the Sea. It’ll be a fab day full of smutty fun with writing workshops, reading slams, a buffet lunch, mini marketplace and erotic Tombola and a whole host of erotic authors to meet. You don’t want to miss it!

Find out more and get your tickets at Smut by the Sea.Snob by sea imagesfg-fits-mascot

Use the promo code “snogbythesea” to save 20% on tickets

I’d sweetening the snogalicious pot with a free copy of my sexy road trip novella, Migrations. All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment.

In the meantime, here is a sexy seaside summer snog from my short story, Skin, which is in the fabulous Smut By the Sea Anthology, Volume 1. Enjoy!



When the mysterious Celia follows Tess home in a rain storm, the sexy encounter that follows is totally unexpected, and yet somehow, Celia is strangely familiar.

Excerpt SKIN:

(Caution: This Excerpt is VERY Adult Only)

‘Women smell of the sea as men never can,’ she breathed against my face. ‘I love that about women. With women I’m always close to the sea.’ Then she kissed me with just a touch of tongue, just as she wriggled a finger in between my labia and we both moaned into each other’s mouths. ‘You’re so creamy wet.’ She pressed her pussy against my hip. ‘Do I make you that way?’

‘Oh God yes,’ I breathed, pulling her closer, taking her mouth as though I would eat her up.

‘Then let me taste you. I want to taste you, please.’

smut by the sea-vol1-coverIn a wave of water that splashed out over the top of the tub, I pushed my way out until I was seated on the edge with my back pressed hard against the tiles of the wall. She sat between my open thighs. There was no preamble, no teasing. She just began with the point of her tongue pressed up against my perineum, then licked and nibbled and sucked her way upward until her lips pursed tightly around my clit. By that time I could no longer hold still. I curled my fingers into her wet hair and bore down, feeling like all of my weight was now concentrated at the apex of my pussy where she licked and suckled, none too neatly. My juices glistened on her face and ran down her chin mixed with her saliva. ‘You’re almost there, aren’t you?’ She whispered against my clit. ‘I can feel your orgasm gathering, pressing, waiting to happen all right here.’ Then she nipped my distended clit and shoved two fingers up hard into my gape and I exploded, jerking and spasming. I would have slipped back into the tub, but she held me fast with her strong arms, held me open wide and watched me come.

‘There’s nothing quite as beautiful as watching a woman’s cunt when she’s coming,’ she said. I could feel her hot breath against my trembling pout as she spoke. ‘The skin around it is dark and glistening bright and stretched so tight from desire, and it ripples and flows like the sea is just beneath the surface.’ She gave the swell of me a gentle stroke. ‘Have you ever watched a woman come?’

‘I’ve never looked,’ I said when I could finally get enough breath to speak.

‘What? And you, an artist? Come on. You have to see what happens.’ She hopped from the tub and grabbed the towel drying herself as she headed into the lounge, grabbing her wine glass as an afterthought. ‘Where do you draw?’ She called over her shoulder.

As quickly as I could, I wrapped myself in one of the big towels drying as I went, following her wet footprints across the wood floor into the lounge which I had turned into a make-shift studio.

When I caught up with her, she had shed her towel and thrown a clean cotton drop cloth across the leather sofa. ‘This is perfect. This is a wonderful place to be creative.’ She nodded out the large picture window to the panorama of sea and cloud and storm. ‘And it’s a great place to masturbate. I bet you masturbate here, don’t you?’ She asked.

I blushed hard and nodded. ‘Sometimes I do.’

‘Masturbation and creativity go hand in hand,’ she said. Then she nodded to my pad and charcoal tossed carelessly across the coffee table and she settled onto the sofa in a reclining position. ‘How do you want me?’

Wrapped tightly in the towel, I awkwardly took up the pad and charcoal and moved a chair to sit near the sofa waiting expectantly.
She giggled. ‘You’re not a secretary waiting to take dictation. You’re an artist here to do a study on womanly pleasure. I’m your subject. You have to tell me what to do.’ She giggled again, and the sound was almost playful, childlike. ‘Are you blushing, Tess? You are, aren’t you? Oh darling, you have to relax IMG00403-20120929-1751and enjoy your pussy, enjoy all of your lovely skin. Look at you, all wrapped up in a towel like you’re trying to hide something, something you should never hide.’

She took a large sip of wine then motioned me to her.

Cautiously I put down the pad and came closer.

With one hand she shoved the towel off my breasts and onto the floor. As I yelped my protest, she pulled me down on top of her, took my face in her hands and with an open mouth kiss drizzled the body temperature red wine into my mouth. I startled, but she held me and trickled a little more, pushing it forward with thrusts of her tongue almost like she was fucking my mouth with it, drizzling wine cum between pursed lips. My pussy gushed with empathy as I suckled the rest from her, one hand cupped behind her head, the other splayed over one of her perfect breasts, stroking an impossibly erect nipple.

At last she pulled away and smiled up at me. ‘Now, I’m going to play with my pussy and make myself come.’ She held my gaze. ‘I’ll do whatever you want me to from any position you’d like to draw. All you have to do is say.’

I dropped onto the floor next to the sofa, and she draped one leg so that her foot rested on the coffee table and I was settled in between her thighs at eye level with her cunt. I fumbled for the pad and charcoal, nearly ripping the paper as I shuffled for a blank page.

‘Okay,’ I breathed, nearly dropping the charcoal. ‘I want to see.’

Her slender hand lay cupped protectively over her vulva, hiding everything from her clit all the way down

to where her bottom settled onto the couch. It took me a breathless second to realize that she was gently, carefully palming herself, pressing the flat of her hand against her slit, then shifting and rubbing her sex against it. Her eyelids fluttered and she moaned softly pressing upward into her hand.

I couldn’t help myself. Even as I drew furiously and quickly trying to capture every nuance of her pleasure, I dropped a kiss high onto her thigh, smelling the sea on her, smelling the tide pool rising beneath her palm.

‘I want to see,’ I whispered. ‘I want to see your pussy. I want to watch you touch yourself.’ My face burned like fire as I said it, but, oh God, it was so true. I’d never wanted anything so badly in my whole life.

She slipped her hand up slowly, parting the engorged butterfly wings of her labia. Then she dipped her middle finger, at first, and then her index finger next to it, into the milky thick moisture of her arousal, which seeped down over her perineum and onto the drop cloth beneath. She raised herself on one elbow and looked down the flat of her belly at her fingers splaying and shoving into her vulva. ‘I’m already almost there.’ Her words were breathless and her abdomen rose and fell with her growing need for oxygen. ‘I could have almost come just eating your pussy, touching your beautiful pillowy breasts.’ She raked her thumb against the hard knot of her clit, and she jerked beneath her touch and bit her lip with a sob of pleasure. ‘Oh so close. So very close. But I like to make it last, don’t you?’

IMG00405-20120930-1303I nodded dumbly, the sight of her touching herself in such an intimate way had shut down the speech centre of my brain.

‘My nipples ache,’ she said. ‘My tits always feel so heavy and swollen when I’m about to come.’ With the hand not busy fingering her cunt, she tugged at her nipples and kneaded her breasts until I feared she would hurt them. Beneath me, I sat on the uncomfortable heap of the towel I had shed, which was just as well because I would have made a wet spot on the floor from my own flood. I managed to wriggle and move until it was wadded so that it rubbed and stroked up between my own folds and raked at my clit as I shifted, closer to the push and thrust of pleasuring going on between Celia’s legs.

Celia missed nothing. ‘God it makes me hot to think of you rubbing your wet cunt against that towel. Your clit must be the size of a great pearl in a succulent oyster, and you must be so slippery.’

I didn’t respond. I kept drawing like a crazy woman, all the while my hips were rocking back and forth against the towel and Celia’s fingers were dancing and thrusting up inside her pussy, first two then three, deep into the grip and squelch of her creamy wet spot. And I drew and watched and held my breath, anticipating her orgasm, anticipating my own orgasm that I didn’t figure could be too far behind.

She writhed and arched and ground against the drop cloth offering me flashes of her back hole and the rounded clench of her buttocks, offering me the bounce and sway of her cupcake breasts, offering me grunts and whimpers and little animal sounds that I couldn’t capture on paper, but wished I could. At some point I realized not all of those sounds were coming from Celia. And the smell. It was as though I had opened the windows and the scent of the sea had washed in over us, but it was a female sea awash with the earthy wet smell of ripe, needy womanhood.

She looked like she might shatter into pieces as she drew nearer and nearer her orgasm. Her movements and thrusts became tight and stiff, and every muscle in her body was tensed. My own body was more than empathetic. I had found a rhythm on the towel, a rhythm that matched Celia’s. My gaze was so tightly focused on her cunt that my eyes burned like fire from not blinking, and yet I watched.

And then it happened. ‘Oh my god,’ she gasped. ‘I have to come, Tess. I have to come now.’

She arched up off the sofa and roared like a lioness. Her pussy drenched her hand and her buttocks clenched and released around her tight back-hole then she collapsed onto the sofa. ‘Look,’ she gasped. ‘Look now, watch my orgasm.’

And sure enough it was as though an earth quake were happening just below the surface of her vulva. All the tiny muscles trembled and quaked and gripped. Her cunt hole spasmed and relaxed and spasmed again and again, pushing out its little rivulet of girly juices.

I tossed aside the drawing pad and pulled her to me, hands cupped beneath her bottom. I pulled her to me until I could lick and slurp and relish the taste of her. I used the advantage of my extra weight to hold her as she squirmed against me, making incoherent sounds as I nibbled at her clit and tugged at her labia with my lips. Then she spasmed again so violently that she tumbled onto the floor and I engulfed her. I slid up her body, kissing her beautiful breasts, nursing on her nipples, nipping the tender nape of her neck. I longed to explore every centimetre of her delicate strength. I ached to lick and touch and taste every inch of her translucent soft skin. I longed to drown myself in her female sea. As I slid up her body, her hand found its way between my legs and tweaked my clit and I came, rubbing my body against hers, wrapping myself around her kissing, tasting, fondling, caressing.

I don’t know what time it was when I threw together a fry-up between kisses and gropes and giggles in the kitchen. I’d never cooked naked before. I would have been embarrassed to do anything beyond bathe naked up until now, but Celia made me feel at home in my own skin. She touched me everywhere. No part of me was too embarrassing or too secret for her to love. We fed each other bacon and egg and chocolate éclairs I’d bought from one of the bakeries on Broad Street. We bathed again and made love again, this time in my bed.

It was long toward morning when I woke to find her missing. I grabbed for the robe, then changed my
mind and went looking for her naked. I found her in the lounge sitting on the floor looking through my sketch pads. ‘You know the sea,’ she said when I settled next to her, dropping a kiss onto her shoulder. ‘You feel it inside you like I do. I can tell.’ When she looked up at me there were tears in her eyes. ‘That’s
what drew me to you. That’s what I love about you. Most people don’t feel it that
way, and even if they did, they could never make anyone else feel it that way.’ She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. ‘You move me, Tess. You move me deeply.’ She kissed me and when she pulled 271away I looked down at the charcoal she had been admiring. It was the last drawing I’d done of the little harbor seal before the storm broke and we went our separate ways.             ‘I draw a lot of seals,’ I said. ‘They fascinate me, and they seem to be comfortable around me. I don’t know why. Sadly there aren’t a lot around here anymore, so it was a special treat to find this one, who let me draw her for two days.’

‘It’s lonely for them here now,’ she whispered. ‘This one surly appreciated your company.’ Then she lay the open pad aside and came into my arms, feeling tiny and delicate in my embrace.




An Executive Decision Blog Tour! Another Week of Fun!

AED new coverWeek one of The Executive Decision Blog Tour is now completed, and what a romp it was!  For those of you who don’t already know,  the tour is celebrating my romantic erotic Executive Decisions Trilogy with character interviews, insights, adventures in the great outdoors and lots of sexy excerpts from all three of the Executive Decisions novels. Oh, and did I mention a fabulous giveaway? I’ll be giving away two signed print copies of the first novel in the trilogy, An Executive Decision.


IC new coverUp until now I’ve never done a two-week tour before, and I have to say I’m having a great time. The host sites are fabulous, and it’s always fun to meet new people and make new friends.  I’m having a blast blogging both sides of the pond, and I think Dee and Ellis, Kendra and Garrett, and Stacie and Harris are having almost as much fun as I am talking about the fabulous Northwest of the US where the Executive Decision Trilogy is set, talking inspiration, and giving insights into the evolution of the trilogy and the fun I had on the journey to its completion. I hope you’ll follow the tour, enjoy the sizzling excerpts and have a good time. Join us at these fantastic sites on these dates and help us celebrate The Executive Decision Trilogy.  Below are the links for the blogs I’ll be visiting next week. And in case you missed the fabulous blogs this week, here is a link to those sites as well so you can catch up and sign up for the giveaways.

The Executive Decision Blog Tour Week One. 

TE new coverFollow the Executive Decision Blog Tour Second Week Here:

Books and Banter  Mon June 2nd

Destiny Blaine  Tue June 3rd

Lisabet Sarai  Wed June 4th

Snarky Mom Reads  Thur June 5th

Blood Lust and Erotica  Fri June 6th

SBTS for AED Trilogy


The Executive Decision Trilogy on Tour!

AED new coverBeginning tomorrow, May 26th, I’m celebrating my romantic erotic Executive Decisions Trilogy with a two-week blog tour and a giveaway of two signed print copies of the first novel in the trilogy, An Executive Decision.  I’m very excited about this huge event – never done a two-week tour before. I’ve packed up my blogging bags, got my passport all ready, and I’ll be off first thing tomorrow, for two fun-filled weeks with some fabulous blogs all over the world, talking about the fabulous Northwest of the US where the Executive Decision Trilogy is set, interviewing characters, talking inspiration, and giving insights into the evolution of the trilogy and the fun I had on the journey to its completion. I hope you’ll follow the tour, enjoy the sizzling excerpts and have a good time. Join us at these fantastic sites on these dates and help us celebrate The Executive Decision Trilogy

IC new coverFollow the Executive Decision Blog Tour:

The SubClub Books Mon May 26th

Illustrious Illusions Tue May 27th

Slippers and Stilettos Charlotte Howard Wed May 28th

Romance lives forever Thur May 29th

ARE Café
 Fri May 30

Books and Banter  Mon June 2nd

TE new coverDestiny Blaine  Tue June 3rd

Lisabet Sarai  Wed June 4th

Snarky Mom Reads  Thur June 5th

Blood Lust and Erotica  Fri June 6th




SBTS for AED Trilogy



Win a Print Copy of Sexy Just Walked Into Town

Sexy Just Walked Into Town

Oh lookie look! Giveaway of paperback copies of Sexy Just Walked Into Town – head on over to Goodreads and enter the contest! Gotta be in it to win it!


Smut for Good Fund Raising Blog Hop Supporting Parkinson’s UK

Coming Together with Curves Charity blog hop

It’s always an honour to participate in a Smutters blog hop, and even more of an honour when its Coming Together with Curves for a good cause, and Parkinson’s Awareness week is a very good cause.

Like most blog hops, there’s a giveaway involved. I’ll give away a free copy of my curvy short novella, Allotted Views to the winner. All you have to do is comment on the post. And if you want to make a difference, you’ll find a just giving link below where you can donate to help find a cure.

Below that, you’ll find a naughty, curvy excerpt for your reading pleasure.


Smut for Good: Curves Rule is a blog hop with prizes galore to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK as this is Parkinson’s Awareness week. To find more curves, and seek out further prizes please visit http://smutters.co.uk/smut-for-good and if you can take a minute to please visit the Smut for Good: Curves Rule Just Giving Page athttp://www.justgiving.com/curvesrule and donate whatever you can to help us reach our target of £100 to raise awareness of Parkinson’s and to support the charity Parkinson’s UK http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/ who help those with the disease learn to cope with the challenges, give out information and search for a cure.


Allotted Views Excerpt:

Warning: Adult Content & Veggie Porn!

allottedviewsLater, I was awakened by whispers. My heart went into overdrive with a rush of anticipation. I rose and walked on tiptoe to the window to peek out. Sure enough, there was Woo-Woo Man, but this time he wasn’t alone. The woman he was with, for lack of a more fitting term, was voluptuous. If he was woo-woo, she was woo-woo squared. She wore a dark gown with a tightly fitted bodice from which her very ample breasts mounded like large scoops of vanilla ice cream crowded into a small dish. The dress must have been corseted at the waist because it beautifully accentuated hourglass hips and buttocks that looked like they must be completely luscious for her to sit on or for anyone else to fondle. The long skirt swished with a silken hiss teasing its way between her thighs as she walked. There was a mountain of pale curly hair caught up on top of her head in a generous clipping of crystals and feathers. ‘Oh, it’s lovely, Jonathan.’ Her voice was a honey-comb-dipped contralto that I felt down low between my hipbones.

‘Then you’ll do it, My Lady?’ He took her hands in his, raised them reverently to his lips and kissed her pale knuckles. ‘You’ll bless it with me?’

‘Of course I will, Jonathan, darling, of course I will.’ She stood unmoving while Jonathan slid the white poet shirt he now wore off over his head and fumbled his way out of his cargo trousers. It was the way his cock rested unsubstantially drawn up against his balls that told me the man was nervous. But his spiky nipples told me he’d get over it.

With a melodramatic flutter of her long, heavy sleeves, My Lady lifted her arms into the air, and motioned Jonathan to do likewise. Then her voice got even lower as she earnestly entreated the blessing of the earth for the feeding of her children. That done, she held her arms out to each side, palms delicately cupped, facing upward, and nodded her consent, casting a demure glance down the pale valley between her breasts.

With fingers that were visibly shaking, Jonathan undid the tight cup of the bodice and My Lady’s bosom tumbled free just as she was saying something about all of us suckling at nature’s breasts. With one hand, fingers sparkling in sliver spirals of rings, she pulled him to her, first one tit and then the other. Each time he nursed and caressed and slurped her ripe strawberry nipples, she spoke a few words into the silent midnight air. And each time she gave him suck, his cock stretched and expanded and reached for her until it pressed its way into the dark satin folds of her skirt.

Then she stepped back slightly and offered him her hand. With his cock leading the way, he guided her to stand in the middle of the garden between the beans and the brassicas. There she squatted wide legged, and for a second I thought there would be more urea, but instead of peeing, she took a handful of soil, lifted it into the air in front of her and let it fall between her fingers. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but suddenly she stopped speaking, stood and motioned him to her again.

This time he undid the rest of the dress, and it fell around her ankles like a chrysalis being shed, brushing cabbage leaves and bean poles in its fullness. Then with him holding her hand, she stepped free of the dress standing tall and shimmering and completely naked in the muted touch of the sodium streetlight. She was Rubinesque in the most exquisite way. There were no protruding bones, no sharp edges, just soft pillowed curves that begged to be touched and nuzzled and fondled.

I had a lover once who’d made a fortune working in the city. One year, for my birthday, he took me to a very expensive hotel. I remember languishing on a bed mounded with satin pillows of every shape and size. I remember how after too much expensive fizz, he undressed me slowly and settled me into the middle of them all. I felt them against my cheek, hugging the sides of my breasts, sliding feather-soft over my nipples, shoving in between my legs as he removed my panties and arranged me like I was some kind of jewelry displayed on a bed of velvet. I relished their softness and resilience as he carefully positioned them beneath my hips until I gaped before him at the perfect angle for his explorations, at the perfect angle for his mounting. The contrast of his hard thrusts and pants over me and the lush, forgiving caress of the pillows beneath me was sensory overload that sent me into orgasmic bliss. Sadly the man wasn’t nearly as memorable as that delicious mound of pillows.

My Lady was like that. There was no part of her I wouldn’t have loved to pull to me and bury my face in. Almost unconsciously I found myself leaning forward toward her, nearly out the open window. She walked naked amid the ordered rows of tomatoes and carrots. She fondled the long leaves of the sweet corn, stroking them to her breasts, lifting them to her nose and inhaling their scent. She ran bare toes upward along the feathery greens of the carrots like a ballerina, each movement, each interaction making her more desirable, more exquisite in the shadowy light. And yet, Jonathan didn’t touch her, though his erection told me he wanted to badly enough. He simply followed her around with a proprietary step made comic by the bounce of his cock.

At last she turned to him and he nearly ploughed into her. ‘Jonathan, my darling, I offer myself to you for the blessing of this lovely garden.’

When he hesitated, she chuckled softly and ran a hand invitingly down the expansive curve of her hip. ‘Come now, darling, there’s no need to be shy. Our pleasure is a part of the magic.’ She turned her back to him and bent forward so that the lush pillows of her buttocks faced him, faced my window, and I grabbed at the buttons of my night shirt, clawing it free so that my own small breasts could take in the night breeze, so that my pussy rubbed unhindered against the chair I’d left in front of the window after Jonathan’s first worshipful wank – just in case.

17 aug 6IMG00557-20130817-1332‘Don’t be shy,’ she whispered. ‘Just for tonight, I am the goddess, you are my consort, and the great yoni that birthed all things into existence will be honoured by our offering. My pussy is yours until the magic is completed.’ Perhaps it was her sudden use of nasty language in a situation which up until now had seemed rather formal and reverent in spite of the chavish undertones of sneaking a fuck in the allotments after hours. But more than likely it was just the close proximity of her luscious bare arse cushioning said puss. Propriety gave way to lust. I held my breath, and my cunt trembled and clenched as he reached for her. He kneaded her arse cheeks in hard, probing caresses, which she seemed to like, if the little kitten sounds coming from her throat were any indication. She bent forward a little more and with one sparkling hand cupped a buttock and pulled herself open like ripe fruit ready to be eaten. The tight knot of her anus puckered and relaxed at the gust of his breath, though that’s only speculation on my part, but my own anus clenched in empathy at the nearness of his face to her lovely nether grip.

I expected him to shimmy his thick fingers down over her perineum to part the heavy folds of her labia, only now revealed as she bent still further to offer him a better view. But instead, he buried his face in her crevice, and she gave a tight little yelp of surprise as he began to eat his way along the sumptuous path to her cunny. I barely managed to stifle my own yelp at his face-first plunge, but I liked him so much better for doing exactly what I would have loved to do.

The sound of his oral explorations carried in the night time quiet even over the heavy breathing of all three of us. ‘You taste sweet,’ he said, ‘and you’re so slippery.’

‘Being around growing things arouses me so,’ she replied. ‘When I smell the earth all ripe and ready, when I see new buds bursting and spreading, I get all squirmy and juicy and I want to have sex on the ground under the moon. I want to rut like a wild animal, like our ancestors did, like we were intended.’

The view for me was exquisite as I stroked my own wetness, vaguely aware of the mess I was making on my chair, but not caring. My Lady’s clit was marble hard and nearly as big. I know that because Jonathan told her so, a revelation that made her wriggle her pale bottom back against his mouth and open her legs still further. I was sure my clit could have matched in size and tightness, as I tweaked it between my thumb and forefinger. Though I couldn’t see her cunny, I could see the clench and relax of his pucker, and when he moved just right I got the between-the-thighs view of his weighty balls and distended cock.

‘Fuck me, Jonathan,’ she hissed between her teeth. ‘I need you to fuck me. I need to come.’

And there’s the rub of it, I thought. In the end, it really is all about sex, and I would have gladly fucked either one of them, but I still wasn’t convinced it was the secret to a good veg patch.

Jonathan pulled his face away shining with her juices, and I swear I could smell pussy on the soft night breeze, pussy other than my own. When he pushed his penis up into her, I heard the slurp of her wetness. I figured the whimpers and grunts of need that followed didn’t really have too much to do with serving the goddess, but then what the hell did I know? What the hell did I care as long as we all came? And all three of us were so damn close that a feather of a breath would have sent us toppling over the edge.

Then My Lady gasped and began to keen, ‘oh my goddess, oh my goddess I’m coming! I’m coming!’ And she wasn’t quiet about it either, so in spite of his reverence for the woman, Jonathan shoved the hand that had been kneading great fists full of her swaying breasts against her mouth to silence her. She had just managed containment when he pulled out of her so quickly that she nearly lost her balance, then to her squeals of delight and praises of the goddess, he shot arched streams of semen onto the brassicas and beans, and I practically juddered myself off the chair when my own orgasm hit.

After they’d caught their breath, he helped My Lady back into her dress, all the while she spoke in hushed tones about the goddess’s blessing on Jonathan’s garden, and what a gift he had. I wondered if she was talking about his skills as a gardener or his skills as a lover. Neither seemed to be lacking as far as I could tell. Then, when they were both dressed, just before they left, she turned to him and gave his cock a stroke through his trousers. ‘Keep the ground fertile, Jonathan, keep the ground fertile.’

runner beansI could have kissed her for that had I not been watching uninvited, because the very next night, Jonathan took her at her word. He was back coming on the tomatoes and courgettes, and I came with him, a heavy dildo shoved up the juicy squelch- squelch of my pussy, one that I’d bought that morning at a shop I pass on the way to work. I bought it because I thought was shaped particularly like him. The added appendage was enough to give me several good orgasms while I watched him tug and stroke his own appendage, and even ride a long middle finger knuckle-deep into his anus. Three nights in a row, on the advice of My Lady, he wanked on his veg, and I wanked in sympathy, every night having multiples, every night drenching myself shamelessly, every night pushing my body over the edge into mindless trembling pleasure. My god, it was amazing!

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