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Fulfilling the Contract Now Out in eBook!

I’m very happy to announce that Fulfilling the Contract is now available in eBook! Fulfilling theFulfilling the Contract Contract is the second book in The Mount Seriex, following The Initiation of Ms Holly. This sequel is set in Las Vegas where the sexy, naughty fun of The Mount takes a voyeuristic turn amid the desert heat and the high rise hotels. Elsa Crane is the mysterious woman in charge of Mount Vegas. Elsa and her team sell great views for a price and, in a strange turn of events, limo driver, Nick Chase ends up being the best view ever.

To celebrate, here’s a sneak preview of some serious Mount Vegas heat.


Limo driver, NICK CHASE’s bad night gets worse when he picks up TANYA POVIC at a bar only to discover the explosive sex they share lands her in breach of her very strange contract. Blaming himself that Tanya will lose the large completion bonus earmarked for her mother’s surgery, Nick negotiates with her boss, the tough and mysterious ELSA CRANE, to allow him to fulfill Tanya’s contract and secure her bonus.

Elsa runs Mount Vegas, which offers voyeuristic pleasures for a price. Nick’s job, with Elsa and her quirky team, is to give clients something worth watching through the plate glass windows of Vegas’s luxury hotels and beyond. The learning curve is steep and kinky. As Nick and Elsa’s relationship sizzles and ignites more than hotel room rendezvouses are exposed. In this sequel to The Initiation of Ms Holly things get positively dangerous as Rita Holly and her team are called in from London to lend a helping hand. Bets are being placed. Will Nick fulfill the contract? Will he and Elsa take the gamble? And will they find a way to win at the high stakes, double or nothing, game of hearts?

Buy Fulfilling the Contract Here:




(Warning! Seriously Naughty Content)

As the elevator opened, for a split second Nick had the urge to push the down button and run. But then he thought of Elsa watching him, and he took a deep breath and moved forward.

The card key clicked in the lock and, with a sweaty palm, he pushed the door open. He knew where Deb was in the room, he knew what she was doing. But he took his time, shed his jacket and tie, and unbutton and untuck his shirt. Humming softly to himself, he slipped off his shoes and socks. He was, after all, planning a good wank in front of his scope, and he wanted to be comfortable. He wanted Elsa – and Mrs. Bromely, anticipating what would happen when he discovered the naughty maid in his hotel suite. At the bar, still standing with his back to where he knew Deb was, he poured two fingers of Glenfidich into a cut crystal tumbler and, after a sip that really wasn’t more than touching it to his lips, he turned for the encounter. Deb let out a little squeal of surprise and with way more ease than he would have thought possible, Nick found his voice. ‘What the hell are you doing here?’

Back in the control room, Elsa growled, ‘what the hell is he doing there?’

Pagan offered her a guilty look and stepped back from the monitor. ‘Mrs. Bromley decided to start her fantasy fifteen minutes early.

‘Jesus!’ She pushed him aside and shoved forward to the bank of monitors, ignoring the image of Pike inserting ever larger dildos into Beetle’s pussy while the woman squirmed and moaned helplessly from where she was tied spread eagle to the bondage bed. Elsa’s focus was totally on the image of Nick. He looked positively edible with his white shirt undone and untucked to expose the open button of his tux trousers, which rode low, just above his bronze pubic curls. Elsa’s pussy clenched at the sight, and when he spoke, she nearly gushed in her panties.

‘You’re supposed to clean my suite, not play with your pussy while you watch my neighbours fucking. That is what you were doing, isn’t it?’ Before Deb could do more than whimper, Nick moved closer and slid a hand between her legs. Deb’s eyelids fluttered and she gasped. ‘Whatever they’re doing across the way must be pretty damned good to make your little snatch so slippery.’

Elsa and Pagan both gasped as Nick gave Deb’s pussy a hard finger thrusting. Deb bit her lip and quivered all over. ‘You know, I could have you fired for this,’ Nick said. There was a slight growl in his voice, as though he suddenly spoke from a place deeper inside his chest, and the sound of it went straight to Elsa’s pussy.

‘Oh please don’t,’ Mr. Smith. I need this job.’ Deb laid on a thick southern drawl. ‘Honestly, I’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t know what came over me. Please. I’m putting my baby sister through school back in Dallas. I can’t let her down. Please Mr. Smith,’ she batted her eyelashes and shifted on his fingers. ‘I’ll do anything. Anything you ask.’

‘What were they doing over there –’ he paused long enough to look down at her name tag ‘Beth? What were they doing?’

‘The guy was licking the woman … down there, and his thing! My oh, my, it’s a whopper.’

‘Do you think he’s about to fuck her?’

‘Oh yes, Mr. Smith. I’m pretty sure.’

‘Then come on, you don’t want to miss anything do you?’ Nick pulled his fingers from Deb’s pussy and licked them, then gave her a little push until she stood once again in front of the scope. When she was bent over looking through the eyepiece, he moved in close behind her and lifted her skirt. He yanked the crotch of her panties over one buttock and cupped her ass, his thumb sliding along her crack and stroking until she shivered and moaned. ‘Here’s what’s going to happen now, Beth. You’re going to watch our horny neighbours and you’re going to give me all the juicy details.’ he thrust a hard finger into her pussy and she yelped ‘If you don’t want me to tell your superiors what I found you doing in my room, you’re going to talk dirty enough to make my cock so hard –’ he twisted her arm around behind until her palm rested on the bulge in his trousers ‘ – that all I have to do is shoot my wad up your sopping wet slit.’ He nibbled her ear. ‘Or maybe I’ll fuck you tight little asshole, Hmmm? Would you like that?’ With his thumb, he stroked her anus and she quivered all over and wriggled back tighter against his probing. ‘Mmm, I can tell you would, you naughty thing, you. Now what are they doing?’

‘Oh Mr Smith, this is so embarrassing. Please don’t make me say it.’

‘Say it –’he reached around and squeezed her tits hard, ‘– or you’ll be needing another way to pay for your sister’s education.’

Deb whimpered and shoved closer to the eyepiece. ‘He’s … he’s licking her … down there and, oh dear lord, he’s got two fingers up her… you know.’

‘Up her what, sweetheart? Use the word. Tell me where he has his filthy fingers.’

Back in the control room, Pagan stroked himself through his trousers. ‘Jesus, boss, you were worried about him not being able to do the job?’ he gasped.

Elsa shushed him and pulled up a chair in front of the monitor just as Nick, with incredible grace, kicked Deb’s legs a part and stepped in closer, rubbing his still clothed hard-on up against her exposed pussy. Deb shoved her ass back against him and he thrust so hard that the scope nearly went over. ‘You want that, Beth? You want my cock in your tight little slit? Where are the man’s fingers?’

‘Up her … up her bottom.’

‘Say it.’ He gave her a shake. ‘You’re not in Dallas anymore, honey.’

‘Up her asshole!’ she said with a sob.

‘That’s it, sugar, say the words. I want your mouth to be as filthy as you little pussy, because I like to fuck a filthy mouth as much as I do a filthy snatch. Now tell me what else they’re doing, and don’t say it like some tight ass Sunday school teacher.’

‘Oh my, oh for mercy sake! He’s licking at her … asshole and she’s wiggling and bouncing on the bed back against his tongue, and his thing. Oh for heaven sake! Mr. Smith, he’s going to put his thing, I mean his … cock up her … asshole, but I don’t know how he’s going to do it. He’s so big. Oh dear lord in heaven, Mr. Smith, he’s doing it up her ass.’

‘Doing what, hon. Tell me what he’s doing.’

‘He’s … he’s f… fucking her back there. He’s fucking her up her ass!’

Elsa held her breath as Nick dry-hump Deb through his tux trousers, his other hand working on her blouse, opening it far enough to slip his palm inside and fondle.

‘I want to see your tits, sugar. Take off your shirt.’

Deb quickly dispatched with the rest of the buttons and shimmied out of her blouse. Before she had it completely off, Nick unhooked her bra and ran his hands up to cup her. ‘Very nice, he moaned. ‘Beautiful tits. Turn around, I want to see them.’

‘But, what about the neighbours?’ Deb said.

‘I think we’ve seen enough of the neighbours for a while, and now, my naughty little maid, I think it’s time you let them see you.’


‘Come.’ Nick took her hand and pulled her to stand in front of the huge window. At first they both stood in profile with Nick cupping and stroking Deb’s breasts. ‘I bet my scope isn’t the only one in these hotels here. What do you bet, Beth?’

‘No, Mr. Smith. Please, I don’t want them to see me.’

‘I don’t care what you want, sweetheart. You owe me, remember?’ He bent and gave each of her breasts, starting with her nipples, a lapping tongue bath that had Deb gasping and shifting her hips and had Elsa doing her own little lap dance against the chair back in the control room. As for Pagan, she wasn’t sure he was even coherent, he was so aroused.

Then in a move that had everyone gasping, Nick turned Deb and shoved her up tight against the window. She squealed and then moaned at the feel of the cold glass. Then he moved in close behind her. ‘Now my darling, let’s us give those neighbours something to watch, shall we?’ With Deb’s upper body pressed against the window, Nick unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then he tugged the crotch of her panties tight between her labia making her shift up onto her tiptoes with a gasp before he pulled them completely off.

‘And now that you’ve shown off those gorgeous tits, I think it’s time you showed everyone just what a filthy little pussy you have, don’t you?’

Nick turned her around and rearranged and adjusted until she stood bent over open-legged with her pout splayed right up tight against the glass. ‘You have such a filthy little snatch, don’t you, hon?’

She offered only a sob and a nod.

‘Say it!’ He pinched a nipple hard and she yelped.

‘I have a filthy little sn … snatch,’ she whimpered.

Back in the control room, Pagan unzipped his fly, and Elsa didn’t try to stop him. She was using all the self-control she had to keep her fingers out of her panties.

‘There now,’ Nick said. ‘That wasn’t so hard, was it? And while everyone is enjoying the view of your naughty little pussy, I think I’ll take full advantage of that dirty little mouth of yours.’ He pulled out his cock and shoved it, without preamble, into her mouth.’ She cried out, gagged slightly, then began to suck like it was her life’s ambition. Nick curled his fingers in the back of her hair and pulled her on and off as though she were nothing more than a fuck toy.

‘God, I hope he knows what he’s doing,’ Elsa said. ‘They’re only halfway through. He’s gotta hold his wad for at least a little longer.’

Just then Pike and Beetle rushed into the room. ‘Holy shit,’ Beetle managed.

‘Sonovabitch,’ Pike added. ‘That’s sizzling.’

On the monitor Nick pulled away and turned Deb back so that her tits were once again splayed against the window. ‘Is your slit wet, hon,’ he said, fingering in between her pussy lips, ‘because I want to fuck you now, so I need you to tell me.’

‘Yes, yes,’ she gasped, her breath steaming the window. ‘My pussy is wet.’

‘And what do you want me to do about that?’

‘I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck my pussy,’ she cried. ‘Please.’ She opened her legs wider and pushed her hips back, and Nick shoved into her and began to thrust.

Deb was close, Elsa could tell from the way she held her breath, from the way she bore down on Nick’s cock. Then Nick grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back sideways so he could kiss her hard on the mouth. ‘You don’t get to come until I say you can come, Beth. You were a very naughty maid and naughty maids come last and then –’ he gave a hard thrust that made her gasp ‘—then only if they’re good.’

Her breasts thud, thud, thudded against the safety glass as he fucked her. She practically went through the roof, when his arm snaked down around her waist and between her legs. His laugh was positively wicked. ‘I found your stiff little clit, hon, and believe me it wasn’t hard to find.’ He tweaked it, and she groaned. ‘Does it make you want to come when I rub it like this and pinch it?’

Deb was too far gone to do more than nod and gasp for breath.

‘Well, maybe I’ll let you come after I’ve shot my wad, and it’s one helluva wad, sweetheart. I’ve been saving it up, looking forward to my time with the scope, but you invaded my privacy, didn’t you?’ He withdrew his hand and fondled her breasts, thumbing her nipples until she sobbed in frustration. ‘I’m not in any real hurry, sugar. I could hold my wad and tease you all night. What do you think?’

‘Oh please, Mr. Smith. Pleeese! I need to come sooo bad!’

Deb could be over the top sometimes, but Elsa was pretty sure the need at this moment was genuine. Hers certainly was.

Nick nibbled Deb’s neck, then began again with her clit. ‘Alright, darlin’. I’m not a cruel man. And I’ve always believed in ladies first. But then you’re not a lady, are you, sweetheart?’

She shook her head wildly and Nick laughed. ‘Never mind. It’s alright. I don’t think that little hole of yours can take much more so it’s okay if you come. In fact I want you to come with me.’

In the control room, the only sound was heavy breathing. Elsa didn’t have to look to know all of her colleagues were masturbating. But she held herself. This was not her fantasy. This was not what she wanted to do with Nick, and even as she watched him, knowing that she would come too before his little performance was done, her own Nick Chase fantasy was unfolding in her head.

The silence was broken by Deb keening at the top of her lungs, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming!’ It was easy to tell Nick was about to follow suit, but just as he reached the point of no return, he roared like a lion, pulled his cock from Deb’s still convulsing snatch and shot his wad up her back and across the picture window in huge arching spurts.

‘Jesus,’ Pike managed just before he jizzed into a handful of tissue. Beetle was trembling out her orgasm in spastic jerks and gasps, and Pagan grunted his load into the trash can at the end of the dressing table.

Elsa sat very still, feeling the tremors pass through her pussy and climb up her spine again and again. She sat with her eyes locked on Nick Chase, who had now dropped to his knees, his shoulders heaving for breath, his cock still gripped in his hand as Deb slid down the window like she was made of Jell-O.

Then Pagan stumbled back to the keyboard. ‘Alright, Nick, Deb, you’re clear,’ he spoke into the mic gulping air like he’d just run a marathon. While the sounds of zipping and tucking filled the room, he turned his attention back to the control center and busied himself checking the recordings that were a part of each paying client’s package

‘Wow,’ Beetle said, ‘I think all of us are gonna want a copy of that little number, Pagan.’

‘Already on it,’ the big man called over his shoulder.

Just then, Elsa’s BlackBerry rang. She answered, and her pulse went into overdrive.

‘Hi Elsa, Rita Holly here. Edward and I are still recovering from your Mr Chase’s fantastic debut. My God, he’s a hot one!’

‘You saw it?’ Elsa managed.

‘We more than saw it, we had a hot little session of our own while we watched. He’s definitely a keeper.’

‘You were watching?’ Elsa repeated.

There was a pause on the other end of the phone. ‘Sorry about that. It was a very last minute request, but Pike said he was sure you wouldn’t mind.’

Elsa glared at Pike. ‘Pike is just so helpful, isn’t he?’ She ground her teeth. ‘I’m glad you enjoyed it, Rita.’

There was another pause. ‘Elsa, don’t let Nick Chase get away. He’s exactly the kind of man you need … the kind of person Mount Vegas needs to strengthen its ranks.’

Elsa nodded dumbly.

‘Look, Sweetie, I have to go,’ Rita said. ‘Totally starving after that little performance. Skype you tomorrow.’

Before Elsa had time to question Pike, the door burst open and Nick and Deb blew in. Deb was practically bouncing off the wall with excitement. As Elsa stood to greet them, Deb threw her arms around her boss and hugged her. ‘Did you see? It was amazing. Nick was amazing, wasn’t he?’ Before Elsa could answer, Deb was already hugging everyone else, leaping onto Pike and wrapping her shorts-clad legs around his waist to get a more effective bear-hug.

When Deb finally settled with both feet on the ground, Elsa turned her gaze to Nick. ‘Yes, he truly was amazing.’

In a move that was fast and hard, Nick pulled Elsa into his arms forcing a little grunt of air from her throat before he took her mouth, and it wasn’t a thanks-boss-glad-you-liked-my-work sort of kiss. He pulled her whole body against him, running his large palm up under her loose shirt to stroke her back, and fuck if his hands weren’t calloused, just like in her fantasies. Any semblance of professionalism she tried to maintain between herself and Nick Chase went out the window as she threw her arms around his neck and returned his kiss. His inquisitive tongue explored her mouth, and she returned the favour, pressing herself up tight and close to the rumpled trousers he still wore, trousers that couldn’t disguise his very interested hard-on.

Coming Autumn 2014

Coming Autumn 2014


Launch Day for Holly with SourceBooks

Holly Final Cover ImageMy firstborn, The Initiation of Ms Holly, has had a wild couple of years in her young life. She’s found her way into the national newspapers, she’s made it onto national television and radio, she’s made it to number one on the Amazon UK paid erotica chart and on the free chart, and she’s in her third printing with Xcite books. Holly has even made her way into public libraries all across the UK!

Holly has done the Coast to Coast walk across England with Raymond and me in a zip lock bag. (We couldn’t find any waterproofs in her size). She’s been to Las Vegas where she was read from at the famous Flamingo hotel. She’s been on the bookshelves in WH Smith stores in airports, train stations and along the motorways. That girl is well travelled! And as of today, her adventure gets even bigger!

Today is the official launch day for The Initiation of Ms Holly with US publisher, SourceBooks!  I’ve been waiting for what feels like ages for this day. But some things are just worth the wait, and this is definitely one of them.

SourceBooks fabulous PR folks have already gotten the book some great pre-launch attention, and look what people are saying about Holly!

RT Book Reviews had this to say about Holly:

While the “exclusive BDSM club” trope is certainly not new, the author has found a way to make the story compelling with a variety of erotic characters and a slight hint of mystery. Readers will enjoy having a heroine like Rita who is comfortable with exploring her sexuality and will want to stick around to see if she emerges victorious when going up against the club’s wicked dominatrix. Caution: The sex in this book is both plentiful and scorching hot — oven mitts may be needed when turning the pages!

The Library Journal has included The Initiation of Ms Holly among what they consider the best of current erotic fiction!

Thanks, SourceBooks for spreading the news!

The Initiation of Ms Holly is the novel that nearly didn’t get published, and yet, of all my novels, Holly has been the one that has taken me on the wildest ride – and still is! And I couldn’t be prouder.

I’m especially excited about the adventures of Rita Holly as the intrigues and sexy schemings of The Mount continue. More about that in Thursday’s post.

In the meantime, to help Holly Celebrate her new cover, new release and continued adventure, here is a little teaser.


Journalist, Rita Holly, never dreamed sex with the mysterious Edward in the dark of a malfunctioning train would lead to a blindfolded, champagne-drenched tango, a spanking by a butch waitress, and an offer of initiation into the exclusive mysteries of The Mount. Desperate to save her threatened job, she agrees, scheming secretly to write an inside exposé on the club that will make her career. But as she delves deeper into the intrigue of The Mount and the lives of its members, she soon discovers that her heart may have other plans.

Excerpt from The Initiation of Ms Holly:

He practically fell on top of Rita, his hand grazing her left breast in the complete darkness. She yelped and grabbed him to keep from losing her balance.

“God, I’m sorry!” He gasped. “Bloody nuisance, this, isn’t it?” His voice was warm, melodious, by far the most pleasant thing that had happened to Rita since she left Paris. “Oh dear. You’re trembling. Are you all right?”

Holly_cover_cropped“I’m claustrophobic” her words were thin and shaky, as though she didn’t fully trust herself to let them out. “It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t know where we are.” For an embarrassing moment, she realized she was still clinging to him, but the embarrassment passed, and suddenly she didn’t care. If they were going to die trapped in a train in the Eurostar tunnel, buried beneath a gazillion gallons of water, she’d just as soon not do it alone.

He either understood, or was too polite to leave her in such distress. He wrapped his arms around her engulfing her in a muscular embrace, the scent of which was maleness barely masked by deodorant and some spicy cologne, both fading at the end of a day much longer than either of them had anticipated. “Don’t worry.” In the darkness, he misjudged the distance between them and his lips brushed her earlobe. “It’s just an electrical malfunction. Anyway we’re better off down here than in the snowstorm up above. Sounds like all of London is shut down. Who’d have expected snow this late in the spring? Never mind that, where else do you get the chance to cuddle strangers in the dark?”

He pressed a little closer to her, and she was relieved to find other thoughts, thoughts more welcome than those of their predicament, pushing their way into her head. He felt good, broad-shouldered and tall, easy to lean on.

“Why are you huddled here in the corner rather than hunkered down in your seat?”

She concentrated on his warm breath pressing against the top of her ear. “I was on my way back from the loo when the lights went out and…”

“And this is as far as you got.”

She nodded against his chest, homing in on the reassuring sound of his heartbeat.

“Shall I help you back to your seat then?”

Holly cover FINAL9781907761270_FCThe train lurched forward, and she yelped again, tightening her grip around his neck. “No, please. It’s better if I just don’t move.”

There was a long pause. “Do you want me to stay with you?”

She realized the poor man had little choice clenched in her strangle hold, as he was. “I don’t want to be any trouble,” she lied.

He readjusted his stance and tightened his embrace. “No trouble at all. I can’t think of a better way to pass the time than in the arms of a beautiful woman. You are beautiful, aren’t you?”

In spite of the stress she felt, she forced a laugh. “Gorgeous, actually. Too bad you can’t see for yourself.”

He ran a hand down the contour of her spine to rest low on the small of her back. “I don’t have to see you to admire you.”

The thought that the man was rather cheeky barely crossed her mind before he lifted her fingers to his lips and planted a warm kiss across the back of her knuckles. “I’m Edward. I’m from London. Clearly you’re not.”

“Rita,’ she replied. ‘I’m from Seattle, but I live in London now.”

“Well Rita, from Seattle, we’ve established that you’re an exotic beauty. Perhaps you’d like to return the favour.” He lifted her hand to his face and guided it gently over the slight stubble of his cheek. As her hand cupped his well-formed chin, he pulled her middle finger into his mouth and nibbled it, teasing the pad of it with his tongue. Suddenly her struggle to breathe had nothing to do with being claustrophobic.

“Well?” He asked pulling her hand away to massage her fingers. “What do you think? Am I acceptable?”

If he was cheeky, she was downright brazen. She stopped his words with her mouth, amazed at how easily she had found the mark in total darkness. Perhaps it was the darkness that made her so bold, but whatever it was, he didn’t disappoint. His mouth was warm, opening eagerly to the probing of her tongue, responding in kind, caressing her hard pallet, nipping at the fullness of her lower lip before pulling away just enough to speak.

“There, you see? It’s not so bad being in the dark, is it? The other senses are too often overlooked, which is very sad, since they offer such exquisite delights.” His hand moved up to cup her cheek, and he raked a thumb across her still parted lips. “Taste, for example. Few pleasures exceed that of the tongue.”

Sourcebooks-imageShe heard him fumbling in the darkness, then she heard the rattling of foil. ‘Open your mouth,’ he whispered. “I have something that’ll make you feel better, guaranteed. Oh don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal.”

Reluctantly she opened her mouth, which he primed with a wet kiss, then slipped a chocolate truffle between her lips. It was covered liberally in cocoa and warmed exquisitely almost, but not quite to the steamy melting point of his body temperature, which only enhanced the sharp, edgy flavor that separates expensive chocolate from the cheap stuff.

She gasped her surprise, then moaned softly at the intensity of the taste.

“Don’t bite,” he kissed her jaw, then her throat. “Savour it, roll it around in your mouth. There are places on the tongue that taste only sweet and places that taste only bitter or salt, or sour. Chocolate can have all those flavors. Caress it in your mouth like you’re making love to it, and you’ll be amazed at what you taste.”

She cheeked the truffle, slurring her words as she spoke. “I thought I was tasting you.”

He chuckled softly. “Everything tastes better with chocolate.” Without another word, he took her mouth, plunging his tongue deep against the melting truffle, whirling it, lapping at it, sighing with the pleasure of it. The more liquid and heated the truffle became, the more liquid and heated Rita became.




From the Daily Grind to Bump ‘n’ Grind

If you’re in the London area and want a unique experience to share with your special someone, an experience that will linger long after Valentine’s Day has come and gone, then be sure to check out “From The Daily Grind to Bump ‘n’ Grind”

One of my favourite people, the lovely Sarah Berry, is teaming up with one of my favourite places, Sh! Women’s Emporium to offer a fabulous new class for couples. “From The Daily Grind to Bump ‘n’ Grind” is a Sh! Valentines Special for couples. Sarah assures me, however, that the word ‘couples’ is used very loosely. The class is open to f*ck buddies, poly people, first dates, longterms, and … well you get the picture. As the lovely folks at Sh! say, the couples that play together stay together, so this very timely class is designed to help ‘couples’ turn off the daily grind and be more mindful during intimate times –  whether they like it quick, kinky, romantic…

Sarah Berry is qualified sex and relationship therapist and now runs a private practice (seeSarah Berry postunnamed
www.sarahberrytherapy.co.uk). So the class will be combining tricks from the therapist’s couch with saucy tips and exercises gleaned from Sarah’s 10 years of sex & relationship journalism.

The class is aimed at all sexualities and sexual preferences. Poly groups are also welcome. It will be held at Sh! Women’s Store Hoxton on Feb 11. Tickets are £50 per couple.

Venue: Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, 57 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB
Tel: 020 7613 5458

For more info and tickets visit:

Please note: Tickets are not physically issued for this event. Instead, upon purchase, your name will be added to our guest list and you will receive confirmation by email.


Fulfilling the Contract is All Decked Out for Vegas!

I’m very excited to prance about and show off the gorgeous cover for Fulfilling the Contract, which is book two in The Mount Trilogy and the sequel to The Initiation of Ms Holly.  And to celebrate the occasion, I’ve added a juicy excerpt to titillate and entice. Fulfilling the Contract will be out in paperback 13 February, just in time to make Valentine’s Day sizzle, and in eBook even sooner! Who says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

Blurb for Fulfilling the Contract:Fulfilling the Contract

Limo driver, NICK CHASE’s bad night gets worse when he picks up TANYA POVIC at a bar only to discover the explosive sex they share lands her in breach of her very strange contract. Blaming himself that Tanya will lose the large completion bonus earmarked for her mother’s surgery, Nick negotiates with her boss, the tough and mysterious ELSA CRANE, to allow him to fulfill Tanya’s contract and secure her bonus.

Elsa runs Mount Vegas, which offers voyeuristic pleasures for a price. Nick’s job, with Elsa and her quirky team, is to give clients something worth watching through the plate glass windows of Vegas’s luxury hotels and beyond. The learning curve is steep and kinky. As Nick and Elsa’s relationship sizzles and ignites more than hotel room rendezvouses are exposed. In this sequel to The Initiation of Ms Holly things get positively dangerous as Rita Holly and her team are called in from London to lend a helping hand. Bets are being placed. Will Nick fulfil the contract? Will he and Elsa take the gamble? And will they find a way to win at the high stakes, double or nothing, game of hearts?

Excerpt from Fulfilling the Contract:

Elsa looked down at the specs she had discussed with Mrs. Keyser. It was another virgin loses her cherry to a surly billionaire scenario, which would be nicely spiced up by having the head of The Mount in London and the owner of its club playing the billionaire and his virgin. Rita and Edward’s involvement would raise Mount Vegas’ profile considerably within the organization, and it would be a voyeuristic treat for the whole team.

Originally she’d had Tanya in mind for the roll of the virgin with Deke playing the brusque billionaire Dom – he looked the part. Thankfully the idea had totally intrigued Rita and Edward or Elsa would have ended up playing the virgin. Though she never thought of herself as anything but worldly, she had the look that would have worked. She loathed the role of playing a sub almost as much as she loathed the role of a virgin. With Tanya gone, though, she supposed she should get used to it. There was at least one billionaire and virgin fantasy a month since Fifty Shades of Grey.

She forced her attention back to Mrs. K.’s specs, which she had entitled The Billionaire Buys a Virgin Bride.     

The plot was simple. The billionaire buys the virgin as his bride to pay off her family’s gambling debt. Of course that bit was all in Mrs. K.’s head. The actual fantasy would begin in the Wedding Chapel. Mrs. K. wanted that part included, with a kinky little scene before hand in which the billionaire checks out his merchandise just to make sure he gets what he paid for. Well that was a nice touch, Elsa thought. She wrote down a few notes about a discrete, but filthy feel-up and probe of the little innocent to make sure she really was a virgin under all that white taffeta. Elsa added some very naughty ideas about the groom guiding his little bride’s virgin hand to the fly of his tux for her first fondle of his very expensive junk. It was shaping up nicely for a billionaire/virgin fantasy.

After the happy couple say their ‘I do’s’ there would be hot sexy foreplay in the limo on the way to the hotel. Elsa could imagine lots of dirty talk on the part of the billionaire about his new bride’s lovely tits and her tight little slit that he was all bulging and hard to fuck. All the while the little virgin would be blushing and squirming and moistening the crotch of her wedding panties, or lack there-of – oooh, that was better yet, make the little dear walk down the aisle without any undies!

‘Oooh Mr. Chase, please be gentle with me. I’ve never been with a man before and you’re sooo biiig,’ Elsa said out loud in a mock-girlish voice. Foreplay in a limo. Of course it would be Nick Chase she’d think of. After he had stormed off last night, she’d given herself a serious finger fucking when she was alone in her bed trying to unwind after a day that had gone on forever. It wasn’t just the thought of him coming into Mount Vegas to finish out Tanya’s contract, all knight-in-shining-armor-like, it was that he’d even consider such a thing to begin with – blaming himself for Tanya’s bad behaviour. Okay, so he’d left in a huff when he found out what fulfilling her contract would involve, but he left with a hard-on, and one it didn’t take 20/20 vision to see. Five would get you twenty he’d had to stop and jerk off before he got back home. She wondered if he’d even made it out of the building before he’d had to answer the call.

God, how she’d love the chance to handle that cock! Wouldn’t it have been something if Nick Chase had agreed to finish out Tanya’s contract? Elsa’s panties definitely got moister at the thought. Wouldn’t she love the chance to train that boy up? With those drowning-deep cinnamon eyes and that slightly mussed bedroom hair that had the bronze shimmer of desert heat about it. Training him would be no hardship. He’d be a huge hit with the clients. She wished she’d have found a way to get that shirt off him. It was quite obvious the man was built for filth, and he was not the kind of a man she figured spent hours in the gym to get that way. He spent time in the sun, she’d bet. The bit of research she’d managed before he stormed the castle to rescue Tanya said that he owned a place with a couple acres outside town and that he’d inherited the limo business from his father. Not his first choice, the Vegas limo business, especially not for someone with Nick’s background. She wondered if his hands were calloused. She loved the feel of callouses against her more sensitive bits. She crossed her legs to get a good squeeze where she needed it and thought about guiding Nick Chase’s fingers to those sensitive bits to check for callouses.

britbabes_kink_hotnraunchy_4It was hard to get comfy in her chair as she read through Mrs K.’s specs. Seriously she would almost be willing to play the submissive virgin if Nick Chase were her billionaire, and certainly he had that surly billionaire look about him. And oh the way he did guilt! Mrs. K. would burn out her vibrator in a fit of lust at the very sight of him ‘de-virginizing’ Elsa. Elsa was just reaching in the drawer for her own vibrator to see where fantasies of Nick Chase ‘de-virginizing’ her might lead when there was a knock on the door, and her second in command stepped in without waiting for her invitation.

He smiled as she stuck the vibe back in its place. ‘You thinking about last night? I had a good wank afterwards. Chase is hot. I don’t mind saying I was disappointed to see him leave so quickly.’ He nodded down to the drawer where she kept her toys. ‘You want me to give you a few minutes? Or I can take care of you if you’d like.’

‘Thanks, Pike.’ She offered him a wave of her hand. ‘I’d love to take you up on it, but today I really don’t have time, so it’s a good thing you got here when you did. Now that we’re short-handed, I’ve got to re-shuffle everyone for tonight’s little adventure. Deke’s already set to play our big-name magician. Turns out he even knows a few magic tricks, but Tanya was supposed to be his buxom assistant who gets it up the ass in the disappearing cabinet.’

Pike nodded. ‘That was a nightmare to get cameras set up in. Leave it to Darnell Peters to complicate things.’

‘Yes but he pays well and he’s kinky as hell. And he adores watching Tanya.’

Pike sat one tightly jeaned ass-cheek on her desk and smiled down at her. ‘But he likes watching you even better.’

‘She was prepared for the role. I’m not.’

‘That never stopped you, Elsa. You’re great at pulling an act out of your ass. You’re upset about letting Tanya go, that’s all.’

She stared past him at the wall behind. ‘It was the right thing to do, Pike.’

He rolled his eyes. ‘If it had been me, I’d have done it a long time ago. Nobody’s that good. Personally –’ he leaned over the desk and brushed a quick kiss across her lips ‘—I’m still hoping our lovely Mr. Chase will have spent a sleepless, guilt-ridden night and rush back to us all ready to take on Tanya’s contract. I saw you slip the card into his pocket.’

She forced a little laugh. ‘Always an optimist, aren’t you, Pike?’

‘Always a pessimist, aren’t you, Elsa?’ He stood and rubbed his hands together in anticipation. ‘I think we haven’t seen the last of Mr. Chase. If I were to venture a guess, Tanya’ll harass him until the poor guy’ll take on her contract just to get her to leave him alone.’

‘Or he’ll take out a restraining order,’ Elsa said. Then she added. ‘Even if he did come back and he did agree to finish out Tanya’s contract, he’d never last two months. Hell I doubt he’d make it through one week.’

‘It’s Vegas,’ Pike said. ‘I’ll bet you he’ll call back in less than 48 hours, probably unable to shut out the guilt or Tanya’s badgering, or all the nasty thoughts he’s had about what he saw last night.’

Elsa was reminded again why she loved her second in command so much. He had a way of always convincing the pessimist in her that the glass was half full. ‘Alright,’ she said. ‘I’ll bet you we won’t see him again. If I win, I get one of your fabulous back rubs.’

He offered her a filthy look. ‘With all the trimmings?’

‘All the trimmings,’ she said.

‘And if I win, like it or not, you’ll be my sub in the next dungeon fantasy. Though I suppose before we shake on it, I should warn you I’ve stacked the deck.’

‘Oh?’ She folded her arms across her chest and glared at him.

‘I accidentally sent Tanya Mr. Chase’s cell phone number last night before I went off to beddy-bye.’ He stopped her response with quick kiss. ‘And no need to play shocked. I got it from you, my lady. You’re not the only one who has access to Mount Vegas research.’ He made quotation marks in the air with his fingers to emphasize the word “research.’” He looked at her from under a dramatically drawn brow. ‘You weren’t thinking of calling him yourself, were you?’

‘I certainly wasn’t.’ She replied. ‘And frankly, I don’t think it’ll matter even if you did give his number to Tanya. He fucked her once and got more than he bargained for. End of story. And he doesn’t have to answer his calls, so yes, Mr. Smart Ass. I’ll take your bet.’ She stretched in her chair and twisted her neck from side to side. ‘I really could use a good back rub.’ She offered him her hand.’

‘It’s a bet then,’ he replied shaking on it. Then he dusted a kiss across the back of her knuckles. ‘I’ll have the dungeon made ready.’

She reached up and gave his cheek a playful slap. ‘You do that. I always like my people to have a well prepared work place. Now can we take a look at this week’s agenda and see how we can minimize the loss-of-Tanya-damage.’

To Rome With Lust, Book 3 of The Mount Series, Coming November 2014

To Rome With Lust, Book 3 of The Mount Series, Coming November 2014


A Sneak Peek at Fulfilling the Contract, the Sequel to The Initiation of Ms Holly

Most of you know I’ve been on a wild roller-coaster ride finishing Fulfilling the Contract, the second novel in The Mount Trilogy, and the sequel to The Initiation of Ms Holly.  Because of Holly’s popularity and her new release with SourceBooks in February in the US (The pre-release reviews and PR have already been fabulous!) the deadline for completion of Fulfilling the Contract was moved forward, which meant I’ve been scrambling hard these past two and a half months to finish up. I’ve been scrambling hard, but having a totally wonderful time with Rita Holly’s counterparts in Mount Vegas. The wild ride with Nick Chase and Elsa Crane in the luxury hotels of Vegas has kept me writing hard and well-entertained. I’m very excited about the continuation of The Mount’s story, and in this case, what happens in Vegas definitely doesn’t stay in Vegas. It’ll be available to you in eBook soon and in print in February.

With the rush to completion, I’m still anxiously awaiting the cover art, which I promise to share as soon as I get it. In the meantime, here’s a sizzling peek of the Vegas action to get you all primed and ready for Fulfilling the Contract.

Blurb for Fulfilling the Contract:

Limo driver, NICK CHASE’s bad night gets worse when he picks up TANYA POVIC at a bar only to discover the explosive sex they share lands her in breach of her very strange contract. Blaming himself that Tanya will lose the large completion bonus earmarked for her mother’s surgery, Nick negotiates with her boss, the tough and mysterious ELSA CRANE, to allow him to fulfill Tanya’s contract and secure her bonus.

Elsa runs Mount Vegas, which offers voyeuristic pleasures for a price. Nick’s job, with Elsa and her quirky team, is to give clients something worth watching through the plate glass windows of Vegas’s luxury hotels and beyond. The learning curve is steep and kinky. As Nick and Elsa’s relationship sizzles and ignites more than hotel room rendezvouses are exposed. In this sequel to The Initiation of Ms Holly things get positively dangerous as Rita Holly and her team are called in from London to lend a helping hand. Bets are being placed. Will Nick fulfil the contract? Will he and Elsa take the gamble? And will they find a way to win at the high stakes, double or nothing, game of hearts?

Excerpt from Fulfilling the Contract:

A man who was as tall as Pagan but built much more like a dancer opened the door to the suite at the Cosmopolitan and nodded them in. He was dressed like Tarzan in a leopard print loincloth that left little of a well-worked-out physique to the imagination. His only other fashion accessory was a pair of unlaced black Converse high-tops. That it didn’t seem strange to Nick was a testament to how long he’d been working in Vegas.

The man gave Nick a curious once-over then with a jerk of his head, nodded them toward one of the bedrooms.

Sitting in the middle of the big bed was Tarzan’s Jane. Her loin cloth and halter top barley covered the goodies, and it was obvious that the goodies were exceptionally fine. Her heavy auburn hair was in the process of escaping a large tortoise shell clip, and a good bit of it hung in wild ringlets down her back and over her shoulders. Her do was all topped off by a bright blue headset that got lost in the crown of her hair and reappeared from the silky dark mass just in time to cup her ears. She wriggled bare toes at the end of well-muscled legs that went on forever before disappearing under the small laptop upon which she typed madly.

At last the woman looked up, and Nick was astounded that someone with such dark hair had such blue eyes. The smile she offered was very bright and very brief as she took in the way Tanya still held onto Nick like she was about to walk the plank.

‘Did you two have sex,’ she asked without so much as a how-do-you-do.

‘That’s none of your business,’ Nick said.

‘It is my business.’ She pulled off the earphones and shoved them and the computer to Tarzan before crawling off the bed with all the grace the leopard print would imply. It was only as Tarzan settled into her place that Nick noticed the bedroom was buried in an array monitors keyboards and other electronics he couldn’t identify. There were also two telescopes pointed out the window.

The woman came to stand in front of Tanya. ‘Did you have sex with him?’ she asked.

‘It was just once, Elsa, and we used the condom.’ Tanya’s voice was a breathless tremble. All trace of her alcohol buzz was gone.

‘Of course we used a condom. I’m not stu –’

Elsa raised her hand to stop him. ‘Mr. Chase, though your use of a condom is commendable, it doesn’t absolve Tanya of what she’s done.’

‘What she’s done? She had sex. People do that, you know?’

She ignored him and focused her attention on Tanya. ‘You’ve got a month paid on your flat, and your two month’s severance pay’ll be deposited first thing in the morning. Pagan’ll go with you to clear out your locker then he’ll drive you home, since you’ve been drinking.’

‘What?’ Nick exploded. ‘You fired her for having sex with me?’

‘No, Mr Chase. I fired her for having sex with anybody other than her approved partners.’

Before he could protest, Tanya spoke up. ‘What about my bonus. I still get my bonus, no? Is so close to the end of my contract.’

Elsa held her gaze. ‘You’re in breach of contract, Tanya, so no. You don’t get your bonus, and you knew that when you went off and broke the rules yet again.’

Tanya burst into tears. ‘But I need the bonus. I have to have, or how will I pay for my mother’s surgery and her convalescence afterward? That is whole reason why I need the bonus.’

‘You can’t be serious,’ Nick said. ‘Okay, fine. Fire her if you have to, though I think it’s pretty stupid to fire someone because they had sex on their own time. In fact I’m pretty sure if Tanya wanted to hire a lawyer, we’d find that what you’re doing’s illegal.’

For a second Nick thought Elsa would laugh at him, the way her lips curled in a smile, the way her lungs filled with air, and then she spoke once again to Tanya. ‘Want to hire a lawyer, Tanya?’

‘Well of course she’ll say she doesn’t if you intimidate her enough.’

Elsa rubbed the bridge of her nose and shook her head. ‘I’m not intimidating her, Mr Chase. No one is intimidating anyone, but she won’t hire a lawyer.’

And then Nick twigged. ‘Wait a minute, she’s a prostitute then.’

This time Elsa did laugh and Tanya wailed. ‘No, she’s not a prostitute, but she knows she’s in breach of contract as she’s known the past four times she’s had sex outside the boundaries of that contract, and I’ve let her get away with it. But not this time. Not this time.’

‘You can’t do this to me, please.’ Tanya wept openly, grabbing the woman by the hand. ‘Please Elsa, just give me one more chance.’

Elsa pulled away, somewhat more gently than Nick would have expected. ‘I’ve given you way more chances than I would have given anyone else, Tanya. Now I’m sorry, but what’s done is done.’

‘But it’s only two more months. Just two more. Please! What about my mother?’

‘You should have thought of that before you repeatedly breached your contract. There are charities, places you can go for what you need, Tanya, but I can’t help you.

‘Wait a minute.’ Once again Nick butted in where it was none of his damn business instead of saying thank you very much and scramming fast. ‘So you’re getting two month’s severance pay?’

‘And it’s a lot,’ Elsa said. ‘MV pays its employees well.’

‘Is not enough though,’ Tanya bit her lip and wiped at her nose with the back of her hand. ‘It will never be enough.’

‘And she only gets the bonus if she finishes the contracted period?’ Nick said.

Elsa nodded. ‘It’s a three year contract with a very large completion bonus.’

He took a step forward. ‘How large?’

‘$250,000,’ Tanya sobbed.

‘Jesus! A quarter of a million? That’s one helluva bonus,’ Nick said.

‘And it would have been mine in two months, just two more months.’ Tanya sobbed against his chest.

‘How can you be so heartless? And just because the woman wants to have sex? Who doesn’t?’

‘It’s a contract, Mr Chase and one that Tanya’s broken repeatedly. As for sex, it’s readily available to her. Even you she could have had if she’d only followed the rules.’

‘It’s just two months, damn it! And there are extenuating circumstances.’

‘Extenuating circumstances which Ms Povic chose to ignore each time she spread her legs for a stranger.’ Elsa raised a hand. ‘I don’t blame you. It’s not your fault. As you say, everyone wants sex. But since you don’t fully understand the circumstances, then it’s best you stay out of it.’


‘Surely you can give her one more chance. I mean it’s her mother,’ Nick said. ‘And really, it was my fault. I’d had a bad day and I wasn’t on my best behaviour.’

Elsa tossed the headset back onto the dressing table and rubbed the back of her neck. ‘Mr Chase, unless you want to fulfil Tanya’s contract for her, this conversation is over. It’s been a long day, and I’ve had enough. Pagan will escort the two of you back downstairs and since Tanya no longer works for me, I don’t care if you fuck her brains out. Now if you’d –’

‘Alright,’ Nick interrupted. ‘I will.’

Suddenly all eyes were on him. ‘Tell me what to do and I’ll fulfil the contract for her.

After all, it’s my fault she’s in breach.’

Tanya gave a little yelp that sounded like a kitten in distress and Elsa laughed out loud. ‘Mr Chase, you don’t even know what Tanya’s contract involves.’

‘I assume it has something to do with what’s going on in room 2031. It’s not prostitution is it?’

‘No! No, is not prostitution,’ Tanya said, the excitement nearly vibration through her voice. ‘Is nothing like that.’

‘Well actually it’s something like that,’ Elsa corrected. ‘My people get paid for sex.’

‘I don’t understand,’ Nick said.’

She nodded him over to one of the scopes set up at the bedroom window. When he balked, she nodded again. ‘Go ahead; check out what’s going on in room 2031.’

Nick nearly knocked the scope out of focus at his first view of the naked ass of a man pistoning his cock into a woman bent over a big bed. Her head was buried between the legs of another woman, who was pinching her own nipples for all she was worth and writhing beneath the serious tongue action.

‘Then they are prostitutes.’ Nick’s voice was suddenly a whisper, as though he feared he might disturb the people he viewed through the scope.

‘No.’ Elsa leaned close to him as though she could see over his shoulder. ‘They all work for me, and they get paid a lot of money to have sex with each other while someone else watches.’

With difficulty, Nick took his eyes off what was going on in the scope. He suddenly felt dizzy. ‘Let me get this straight, these people –’ he nodded around the room ‘– All of these people and those –’ he pointed to the scope ‘—have sex with each other and people pay money to watch.’

P1000348Elsa nodded ‘A lot of money.’

‘And that’s what Tanya was doing? That’s what the contract’s about, having sex and letting people watch?’

‘That’s what the contract’s about,’ Elsa said. With a smirk, she pulled Tanya’s red panties out of Nick’s pocket where he’d forgotten he’d stuffed after he’d picked them up from the parking lot at the Mango. She handed them back to Tanya and replaced them with a black business card, briskly patting his pocket as she did so. ‘I know how much you loath your job, Mr Chase, and I can almost guarantee you’d find what Tanya does a lot more satisfying. But –’ she ran a hand down and gave his crotch a quick grope ‘– It takes some serious balls.’

He elbowed her away and shoved past Tanya and Pagan. ‘You people are all crazy if you think I would … if you think I might …’

Elsa offered him a smile that he felt, much to his discomfort, right down between his legs. Then she lifted an eyebrow and gave a shrug that made the dark gloss of her hair shimmer in the subdued lighting. ‘You asked.’

That was it. With his heart hammering and his cock shoving at his fly, he fled the suite with Tanya wailing behind him, ‘please Nick! Please don’t let her do this to me. Please Nick!’


P1010034Blurb for To Rome with Lust:

(Book 3 of The Mount Trilogy coming December 2014)

The adventure that began with Rita Holly in London, then moved to Las Vegas with Nick Chase continues in Rome when a chance encounter among the Roman ruins has tourist, Liza Calendar, and perfumer, Paulo ‘The Nose’ Delacour, in sexy olfactory heaven. Paulo is the heir apparent to Martelli Fragrance, a roll Rita Holly abdicated to lead the Mount in London. With her magnificently sensitive nose leading the way, Liza uncovers Martelli’s hidden secret –it’s the front for the original Mount, an international secret society with sexual rites into which Paulo is more than willing to initiate her.

But sexual exploration takes a turn for the unpleasant when someone steals perfume formulas and lays the blame at Liza’s feet.  Together she and Paulo must sniff out the culprit and prove Liza’s innocence before more is exposed – and lost — than just secret formulas.

© 2017 K D Grace
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