Lucky Seven is a Gift


Tag! I’m it! So far as I know, Shanna Germain started it all, so it’s all her fault! Leave it to Shanna to start us all off on something fun! She tagged Justine Elyot and Sommer Marsden, who both tagged me. That’s right, I’ve been double-tagged. It’s a meme game. The seven people tagged go into one of their works to either page 7 or page 77, go down to line 7, then post the next 7 lines or sentences. That done, the next step is to tag 7 other victims … er I mean writers who are all out there with hands raised saying, ‘pick me! Pick me!’

Since I’ve got a free promo going on at the moment with the new exclusive Kindle three-part version of The Pet Shop, I decided to tease my readers with the naughty bit from page 77 of The Gift, which is now free on Amazon Kindle for the next three days! Enjoy!

The Gift: Page 77!

‘Then you have to be Tino, or you wouldn’t have–’

He covered her mouth in an insistent kiss. ‘What?’ He spoke against her lips ‘You think I wouldn’t notice the sexy English bird distracting me from all the other birds.’ He teased her lips apart, sparring with her tongue, making her insides feel like warm toffee. She was relieved to hear no anger in his voice.

She came up for breath. ‘But how else would you–’

And now… Lucy Felthouse, Lexie Bay, Janine Ashbless, Rebecca Bond, Lily Harlem, Sharazade, Nikki Magennis, you’re it! You’ve been tagged. If you want to play, of course!



The Gift


The Gift




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